Eden Organyx is a growing Canadian company that makes 100% natural skin care for the whole family. Their products are paraben and phthalate free as well as cruelty free. At Eden Organyx, we think of our products as healthy food for skin; after all, skin is our biggest organ and it should be cared for the same way we treat our inner body. That’s why our ethically sourced ingredients are 100% natural; most being organic and vegan. All our products are paraben free and phthalate free. We only use 100% natural, paraben free and phthalate free fragrance oils and pigments. In addition, the all-natural flavor oils we use in our lip balms are gluten free. EdenRead More →

Once in a while you come across companies that care SO much about the curation, appearance, style and display of their products that you can just feel it when you first get your hands on the product(s)! One of my favourite things about being a product reviewer is working with such wonderful, passionate and caring individuals who are a true pleasure to work with. It makes me feel truly fulfilled to be able to share products that clearly took hard work and plenty of dedication. I got that vibe immediately when I first spoke to the owner of this wonderful subscription box. When I workRead More →

Studies over the past century have been up and down in regards to whether chemicals found in bug sprays are harmful to health or not. Many studies indicate that the most highly used chemical found in bug sprays, DEET, can have profound effects on the central nervous system and can have an effect an minimizing brain cells, especially if used with other chemicals that function to repel insects. As is usually the case, if you search the internet looking for something you will almost always find out, so who’s to say that DEET and all other chemicals in bug repellent really are THAT bad for you? EspeciallyRead More →

Summer is coming up (very slowly, but surely) and that means camping and cottage season are among us! As exciting as this is, this means the bug bites, allergies, dryness and skin conditions are also among us, and are we prepared? I asked myself that very question when I started to consider my annual summer shopping trip. Last year, it consisted of trips to major department stores to buy the same products with ingredients that I couldn’t pronounce, but this year it was a little different. After I made the conversion to natural products, I started to think of everything that needed to be replaced withRead More →