I have never heard of or even considered that apple cider vinegar could be something that is beneficial for health. Isn’t vinegar supposed to be sour, bitter and acidic? I mean, I guess it never crossed my mind that shooting vinegar in the morning was something people do, but apparently the health benefits of this organic cider blend are seriously off the charts.  I’ve also heard of a few celebs and athletes who do shots of apple cider vinegar every morning. Talk about commitment! As with most health trends, I started by doing my research into apple cider vinegar to see if it was reallyRead More →

I love subscription boxes that deliver a specific purpose every month-especially a purpose that is helpful and calming to anyone who receives it. That’s the exact message of the Calm Box- to provide items that calm and relax the mind while instilling a sense of health and goodness into your everyday life. I first heard about the calm box while I was researching boxes that deliver organic and natural goods. When I watched some unboxing videos on YouTube and discovered this box had a specific theme every month, but always sent tea, an organic candy and other calm-related items; I needed to get my hands on itRead More →

It happens to the best of us; you wake up one morning and you don’t feel well. Maybe you woke up with a sore throat and don’t have any cough drops or remedies in your cupboard to soothe that soreness. Maybe you realized while walking to work that you forgot your lunch. Maybe you wanted to jump into a hole and never come out because you can barely afford to buy yourself a bagel, let alone an actual hearty, healthy lunch. And maybe you didn’t get the traffic you were hoping for on a certain post or social media rambling, and now you have to recalculate whenRead More →

If you’re anything like me, you absolutely hate, and I mean despise, having to hit the gym and embarrass myself for a good 45 minutes in front of people who clearly know what they are doing (I do NOT). I have never been a person who can just drop everything and head over to the gym, and actually enjoy working out in a room full of buff fitness gurus. I also have a slight heart condition and can’t work out too hard or I will likely pass out, so I’ve had to find ways to combat my  dislike of the gym and discover other methodsRead More →

I have always been a NEGATIVE person. I looked at every situation and every circumstance from a negative point of view. I regarded everything and anything that could happen to me as a result of a chain of bad events that would continue to happen in my life. I had been through a lot growing up and been raised by a single mother. I had been cheated on, lost some important people in my life, been denied jobs and scholarships, failed exams, had money stolen from me and watched people I love go through some pretty tortious circumstances in their own lives. It wasn’t untilRead More →

Although it has been around for centuries, ice wine has become extremely popular as of lately and ice winery tours have been filling up with interested tourists who want to get their hands (and mouths) on a bottle of ice wine. I first heard of ice wine while on a Niagara-on-the-Lake tour of 4 different wineries. We stopped at Inniskillin Winery where we were offered a taste of their finest selection of ice wine and then given a tour on how the ice wine is made; turns out it’s a lot more work than regular wine. Ice wine (also called dessert wine) was first created inRead More →

Relationships have always been something that I’ve convinced myself I don’t really need, but they have always taught me so much about who I am as a person and what I truly want out of life. I had my first serious relationship when I was 17 years old and I met my ex-boyfriend at the local grocery store I worked at. I was a cashier, he was a stock boy, and from there we continued our romance in the halls of our high school and on our lunch breaks at work, where everyone knew we were a couple. We broke up about a year intoRead More →

Believe it or not, tea was once used as solely a herbal remedy to help sore throats and sickness. Today, it used not just to treat colds but also largely used for pleasure. I look forward to waking up in the morning and making my tea of the day because it literally soothes my soul when I’m at work and makes my morning commute that much more bearable. Aside from purchasing (sometimes too much) tea from David’s Tea, receiving tea in monthly subscription boxes and making impulse purchases in random grocery stores, sometimes I enjoy steeping my own tea with herbs, spices, etc. I likeRead More →

In my fourth year of university I took a Kinesiology course that focused on understanding the connectedness of the body, mind and soul. I had tried yoga maybe once or twice before this and I had friends who were super connected to their spiritual side, complete with crystals and meditation and the whole 9 yards. I was ignorant to this lifestyle and didn’t really care about or appreciate this spiritual side of me and what kind of person I could become if I just got in touch with that side and who I could become. I remember my instructor for this course was extremely intoRead More →

We’ve al been there- you wake up in the morning once your alarm goes off and dismiss it for another 5 minutes. You lay there thinking about the events to come in the day ahead, maybe you have an important meeting, maybe you have to drop your kids off at your parent’s house, maybe you don’t have anything to do at all. You get up, make yourself your tea/coffee/whatever it is you drink in the morning, and you sit enjoying the 5 minutes you have to yourself to sip your coffee and reflect on how you feel about today. You feel shitty, you feel likeRead More →