Candy Experience is a monthly candy experience delivered to your door. I am a serious candy lover, which may be hard to believe considering I mostly blog about healthy products and living the most healthy lifestyle possible. While those are my values and I believe in them, what would life be like if we couldn’t treat ourselves? Especially to delicious, freshly packed bags of candy that are conveniently delivered to your door? The Price Personal box: $21.95 (4 types of candy) Original Box: $29.95 (6-7 types of candy) Cost: $27.95 (6 month subscription) $28.95 (3 month subscription) $29.95 monthly or every 2nd month Shipping: $6.95 The Box Each month we’ll sendRead More →

Why do I love natural deodorant so much? For MANY reasons. First, they do not contain  aluminum, parabens, fragrances, or many of the other nasty ingredients that cheaper deodorants are chalk full of. Second, they are GOOD for your skin and for your health. There have been studies that have also linked breast cancer and unnatural, store-bought deodorants. If you read studies on the link between breast cancer and deodorant application, many cite that the presence of aluminum in deodorant may have a link to breast cancer cell growth and development, but others state there is no relationship. Personally, I don’t understand how studies canRead More →

Novel Editions is a Canadian monthly subscription box for book lovers. Each month a carefully curated box which includes a fiction novel released in the last 6 months, as well as 3-4 related items is sent right to your doorstep. In each box you can expect to receive: • A novel • 3-4 related items: This is always a bit of a wild card but Alex, the owner, will typically choose things that are in some way relevant to the book or bookish in nature • A letter from Alex explaining why she chose the book she did and a detailed description of each itemRead More →

I feel like I’ve written an abundance of articles lately on natural deodorant. I didn’t even know that natural deodorant was a thing until a few months ago. I dabbled into it for a while and then decided to fully make the switch, and I’m so glad that I did. It really is important to understand what you are putting onto your skin and into your body, and to evaluate what products you use on a daily basis that could be affecting your health and your skin. Deodorant is one of those staple products that you use (or should use) everyday. But what ingredients are inRead More →

Woman Up box is a monthly subscription box that delivers a themed box of handmade goodies including beauty, bath, spa, gourmet treats, jewelry, accessories, and home and lifestyle products. What makes our box even more special is that we focus on lifting up women. We work to discover new woman run companies each month to introduce you to that are creating fabulous products that you’ll love and want to share. We promote women helping women to succeed not only by sourcing all of our products from women, we also include a monthly “Lift Up” card in each box with ideas on how to give anotherRead More →

Canadian Originals is a brand new monthly lifestyle box showcasing handmade, artisan Canadian goods. They are a family owned business based in Oakville, ON. How it Works The box is sent on an annual basis and includes surprises delivered monthly for an entire year filled with handpicked items made by talented Canadian artisans. Each box comes complete with monthly gourmet finds, unique accessories and jewelry, luxurious beauty products and original home décor pieces, some created exclusively for Canadian Originals. They will also offer limited edition holiday boxes throughout the year, so make sure to keep an eye out for that! Price The box costs $55.00/ month with options to purchaseRead More →

Calla Life Box is hands down one of my favourite subscription boxes. I feel like the products keep getting better and better every month; I have never received a box and thought “I don’t like the products”. The great thing about Calla Life Box is that you will never receive products that you could walk to the local grocery store or mall and purchase. The company only includes products from local Canadian businesses, and a portion of every single box purchased goes to a deserving charity. You also get only natural, organic, and healthy products that are meant to promote an overall healthy wellbeing and lifestyle for women. Calla Life Box HereRead More →

I am planning a big project with loose leaf tea, so I was exploring an article I wrote a few months back about loose leaf tea when I was newly discovering the wonders of what tea leaves could do. I still can’t believe how little I knew about loose leaf tea and why its SO much better for you than tea bags. I remember my discovery of loose leaf tea- I was walking through the local mall and took notice of this store that was giving out tea samples (which I later discovered was Teavana) and I decided to go over and give it a shot. I walked into theRead More →

Alakaban Tea is a monthly subscription box located near Vancouver, British Columbia that delivers tea grown from Sri Lanka right to your door. They strive to encourage subscribers to make and use the tea creatively, in a DIY type-fashion. We utilize our strong Sri Lankan connections and our North American location to bring high quality tea at lower costs to you.  As a world renown tea lovers’ destination, Sri Lanka has a tremendous amount to offer. With our strong connections to the former Ceylon, we have an understanding of tea and tea culture. With Alakaban’s strong roots in Sri Lanka, we wish to bring you theRead More →

Dollar Tea Club is a ‘Tea of the Month’ club where you can have premium loose leaf tea shipped right to your door every month for a low cost. The tea is ethically sourced through direct trade and there are over 30 flavours from 5 countries that are delivered. I am an AVID tea drinker. I drink tea at least 2-3 times a day, sometimes more. I am obsessed with the different flavours, the types of teas, and especially the benefits that come from tea. I also can’t emphasize enough how much more beneficial it is to grab a freshly-brewed, loose leaf cup of tea before starting yourRead More →