Why do I love natural deodorant so much? For MANY reasons. First, they do not contain  aluminum, parabens, fragrances, or many of the other nasty ingredients that cheaper deodorants are chalk full of. Second, they are GOOD for your skin and for your health. There have been studies that have also linked breast cancer and unnatural, store-bought deodorants. If you read studies on the link between breast cancer and deodorant application, many cite that the presence of aluminum in deodorant may have a link to breast cancer cell growth and development, but others state there is no relationship. Personally, I don’t understand how studies canRead More →

I feel like I’ve written an abundance of articles lately on natural deodorant. I didn’t even know that natural deodorant was a thing until a few months ago. I dabbled into it for a while and then decided to fully make the switch, and I’m so glad that I did. It really is important to understand what you are putting onto your skin and into your body, and to evaluate what products you use on a daily basis that could be affecting your health and your skin. Deodorant is one of those staple products that you use (or should use) everyday. But what ingredients are inRead More →

Burning incense has become a hugely popular ritual that can be used for a number of reasons, yet has been around since as early as the Ancient Egyptians. Incense has been used for ritualistic purposes, for religious purposes in Ancient China around 2000 BCE for praying and worship, and for amusement and entertainment in Japan around the 6th century. There are a number of health benefits associated with burning natural incense. Depending on what kind of incense is used and if any essential oils are used, incense can be wonderful for calming the body and mind, elevating bad moods and helping the immune system. The strongRead More →

Testing out products and watching the effect they have is one of my favourite parts of being a lifestyle blogger. I love the ability to show others how sticking to green beauty products can have such a profound effect on your skin, and on your life in general. I was never really one for night creams, I would do my typical cleanser/exfoliator/sometimes face mask/moisturizer routine and then call it a night. I began to research the benefits of using night creams, and I realized that I always been ignorant of so many of the good reasons I should have been using one all along. Night Creams areRead More →

The word ‘natural’ is a very broad term that, in the general scope of things, can have many definitions. Natural could mean something created or caused by nature, something made entirely natural with no ‘unnatural’ ingredients, or something claiming to be natural but still made with preservatives and chemicals. So how do we know that what we’re putting in/on our bodies is ‘natural’ and good for us? For me, it really boils down to research and knowing how to read ingredient labels. Once I discovered that the products I had been using all my life purchased from grocery stores and drugstores play a correlational role in theRead More →