One of the reasons I love subscription boxes is the element of surprise that comes with receiving a box in the mail and not having a clue what kind of goodies you’ll find in there. I think Ellebox Co., a subscription box company based out of Vancouver, BC, is one of those companies that promises its receivers to be surprised by what’s inside. Of course, subscribers know the theme of the box when they order it. It’s a ‘period’ or ‘that time of the month’ box designed for anyone who, to put it kindly, bleeds for a week straight and needs some sort of comfort. TheRead More →

If you love red wine, you have probably heard on the regular that red wine can be used to cure just about anything- in moderation, that is. If you’ve ever watched the show How I Met Your Mother and you saw the episode where a pregnant Lily visited Doctor Sonia whose common catchphrase was “Just a little bit”, you’ll remember she told Lily that she could have “just a little bit” of wine. I don’t know anything about drinking wine while pregnant considering I’ve never had a baby, but I do know that Doctor Sonia’s logic with “just a little bit” is probably the bestRead More →