I loooooove time of the month boxes and I feel like they just keep getting better and better. It’s not only a perfect way to make 50% of the world’s population feel better about mother nature calling, but also a way to try out tons of different new products to make women all over the world have an easier time of the month! Rose War Panty Power RWPP box is women’s MUST HAVE subscription box which contains 12 Organic Pads-Tampons-liners, 2 Undies, 3~6 Lifestyle Samples&Gifts, and Unique Sweets. Already, I love this box based on the description because of the wide variety of items itRead More →

I love the Calla Life Box for many reasons. Not only was it one of the first subscription boxes I ever purchased, but I love the values the owner has towards the products that are included in the box. The company only include products from local Canadian businesses, and a portion of every single box purchased goes to a deserving charity. You also get only natural, organic, and healthy products that are meant to promote an overall healthy wellbeing for women. Calla Life Box Here is the owner’s description of the box taken from the website: “Thank you for visiting the CallaLife Box! My mission is to provide you with an arrayRead More →

Supporting important causes, writing about natural and organic products, and unboxing awesome subscription boxes each month are definitely my top hobbies. When I realized I could combine all of these hobbies with Elle box, I immediately knew this was one box that I just had to try out. I first heard of this company while I was researching pads and tampons to find out where I could find brands that didn’t contain bleach, dioxins and other chemicals. The average woman will wear a pad or tampon for about 75,000-80,000 hours in her lifetime, and its a scary thought to imagine the amount of harsh chemicals exposedRead More →

One of my favourite subscription boxes to receive is hands down a lifestyle box that incorporates aspects of health, enjoyment, wellness and even a little bit of fun! I love artisan-styled boxes with a variety of different products that I can use in many different aspects of my day- so when I came across the Heart and Honey Box I was thrilled. How it Works You can purchase a Queen Bee box starting at $69.99/month that comes with a luxury sex toy/accessory plus 3-5 premium sexual and lifestyle products . You also have the option to purchase the Bumble Bee box for $42.50 which contains aRead More →

When looking to find the perfect subscription box(es) that fit you like a glove, as I’ve stated before there are literally A THOUSAND options out there for pretty much any specific type of box you’re looking for. There’s always a new and emerging box or a billion different boxes that fit under ‘health and beauty’ or ‘food’. So how on earth do you decide which one to purchase? I’ve been trying out tons of different subscription boxes that fit under many categories, with my goal to give you a comprehensive review of the boxes which will hopefully allow you to choose the best one for yourself! InRead More →

I adore subscription boxes that support small businesses. I love finding items in my boxes that come from local, Canadian companies because I know that I’m supporting someone’s family, helping to put food on someone’s table or sending a child to dance class as opposed to supporting a CEO purchasing his third yacht. This is why I love the Calla Life Box, because not only does the company only include products from local Canadian businesses, but a portion of every single box purchased goes to a deserving charity. This is my second time receiving this box and I love the concept and the variety of goodsRead More →

Boxycharm is just one of those subscription boxes that knows exactly how to satisfy customers with their full sized products and it costs an unbelievably cheap price for the value.. only $21.00 a month! I struggled for a while deciding what make-up subscription box was for me as there are so many great options our there with Ipsy, TopBox, Beauty Box 5, etc. and I landed on Boxycharm after I compared the value of all of the boxes and realized that Boxycharm gave the most full-sized products for a relatively cheap price. Although Ipsy and Topbox ring in at around $12-14 per month including S&H,Read More →

For all of you subscription boxers (or unboxers) out there, if you haven’t heard of FabFitFun, you seriously need to do yourself a favour and go check these boxes out. I’m a huge fan of supporting subscription boxes that come from small/local businesses and are helping people to get the word out about safe, natural products. FabFitFun is a little more well-known but the products that come in the box also come from a variety of businesses and to top it off, they are REALLY good quality! I ordered this box December 1st and it came just a couple of days before Christmas. This wasRead More →

It’s my favourite time of the week- subscription box reviews! I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of this lovely box shipped from Western Canada. I usually like to look for boxes that I can purchase that either support some kind of charity or carries items that are derived from small and local businesses. Fortunately for me, this box has both features! Every time you purchase a Calla Life Box, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to a deserving charity. I know in the past, the company has worked with “I Can For Kids” to help end childhood summer hunger. Cost: The boxRead More →

One of the reasons I love subscription boxes is the element of surprise that comes with receiving a box in the mail and not having a clue what kind of goodies you’ll find in there. I think Ellebox Co., a subscription box company based out of Vancouver, BC, is one of those companies that promises its receivers to be surprised by what’s inside. Of course, subscribers know the theme of the box when they order it. It’s a ‘period’ or ‘that time of the month’ box designed for anyone who, to put it kindly, bleeds for a week straight and needs some sort of comfort. TheRead More →