If you’ve had a chance to look at any of my social media pages you probably have gotten the hint (multiple times) that I don’t believe in the traditional ‘9-5’ working week. I believe that working humans to the point of exhaustion and forcing them to leave their residences for 8+ hours a day does not contribute to a healthy, developed, and well society. Let’s explore my reasoning..    1. Productivity Do you ever feel by Friday that your engine has run out completely? Do you find yourself scrolling through Facebook endlessly, reading the same content repeatedly just so you don’t have to look atRead More →

I know I usually write about healthy and wellness living, considering I am extremely passionate about what I do and what I write about on a daily basis. BUT, with the spirit of Christmas in the air and the holidays less than two weeks around the corner, a dessert recipe is needed, no, it’s MANDATORY! I have many, many, many favourite recipes to make around Christmas but I decided to share one that I haven’t made in a couple of years. This recipe pretty much appeals to anyone who likes chocolate, cherries, and a luscious graham cracker-buttery crust. Need I convince you more that youRead More →

Each week I’m going to put two similar products from different companies up against each other and pick a winner! I LOVE trying new skincare products, and I’m always up for going for new brands that I’ve never heard of or even products that seem odd to me. This week just so happens to be Arbonne versus Lush, two of the most popular skincare brands for many different reasons. Let’s start with the basics.. Arbonne’s tagline alone is ‘pure, safe, beneficial’; so they promise consumers that the products they are receiving are chalk full of healthy and premium botanical ingredients that also promotes living aRead More →

For those avid tea drinkers out there like myself, I’m sure most of you are satisfied when you wake up in the morning, look in the cupboard to choose the lucky tea of the day, and start brewing that tea, excitedly waiting to consume the goodness that will calm your bones and soothe your soul. I probably drink about 2-4 cups of tea a day and I like to sample just about every flavor on a daily basis so that I know what to buy in bulk the next time I visit a tea store or order online. When I was making my weekly roundsRead More →

I don’t know about you guys, but the concept of a subscription box is something that is fairly new to me. My channel, Instagram and blog are mostly focused on lifestyle and wellness products but a huge portion of my reviews are actually based on subscription boxes, and I want to take some time to introduce why and how my new found love subscription boxes came about. Let’s start with the concept of a surprise box filled with goodies arriving to your day each month, season, bi-monthly, etc. Depending on what your interests are, I’m pretty sure a box exists to cater to EVERY interest you could everRead More →

I went to my boyfriend’s house this weekend and realized that after not seeing him for about a week, he had come down with a cold. We’re talking a nasty, phlegm-filled, runny nose type of cold. It’s not like I could just take off because the poor guy was sick, so of course I stayed accepting that I would likely have the same fate the next morning. After spending a day there, sure enough I woke up the next morning and had the same stuffy and runny nose. While we were relaxing watching the hockey game, I had this ‘eureka’ moment where I remembered this recipe thatRead More →

Sometimes it take years and years and years to realize that everything you want out of life-everything you’ve been working towards and setting your goals towards for the last decade isn’t quite what you want out of life anymore. Maybe you switched your career goals, maybe you decided that you’re not in love with your significant other anymore, or on the other hand you could be single as a Pringle and decide you want to settle down. Whatever decisions we end up making in life, I believe that we, as humans, are all CONSTANTLY changing and evolving and therefore what we wanted a few days,Read More →

One of the reasons I love subscription boxes is the element of surprise that comes with receiving a box in the mail and not having a clue what kind of goodies you’ll find in there. I think Ellebox Co., a subscription box company based out of Vancouver, BC, is one of those companies that promises its receivers to be surprised by what’s inside. Of course, subscribers know the theme of the box when they order it. It’s a ‘period’ or ‘that time of the month’ box designed for anyone who, to put it kindly, bleeds for a week straight and needs some sort of comfort. TheRead More →

If you love red wine, you have probably heard on the regular that red wine can be used to cure just about anything- in moderation, that is. If you’ve ever watched the show How I Met Your Mother and you saw the episode where a pregnant Lily visited Doctor Sonia whose common catchphrase was “Just a little bit”, you’ll remember she told Lily that she could have “just a little bit” of wine. I don’t know anything about drinking wine while pregnant considering I’ve never had a baby, but I do know that Doctor Sonia’s logic with “just a little bit” is probably the bestRead More →

I am SO excited to write about my very first unboxing, and it happens to be a box filled with one of my favourite things (snacks!). When I received my Love with Food box in the mail yesterday, I literally jumped with joy and ran to get the scissors to open it up, forgetting I was doing an unboxing on video (I was THAT excited). Love with Food was the very first subscription box that I ordered for myself, so you can imagine the joy of actually having that box physically in front of you. This month’s box was curated by Tiffany Thiessen, most widelyRead More →