I am not really a huge spa person- I hope to be one day but at this point in my life, the second I get an extra dollar it either goes towards food, a new subscription box, or put away so I can’t spend any more. However, whenever I am able to save more than just a dollar, I like to put my money towards a good getaway. After reading about the Scandinavian Spa in Blue Mountain (which is about a 3-4 hour drive from my location), I headed down a couple of years ago with my then-boyfriend and was able to experience the wonder ofRead More →

I have not yet had the privilege of packing my bags and heading out to the Western part of Canada that I have been wanting to see since I can remember. Especially living in a part of Canada that doesn’t have vast landscapes and scenery like Western Canada does, has sparked my interest even that much more. I have always been a traveler at heart, but limited financial means and a busy schedule have always constricted me from fulfilling those dreams. I have decided to take some time off this year and attempt to see some places I have not yet seen, with Alberta and BritishRead More →

I have always been a NEGATIVE person. I looked at every situation and every circumstance from a negative point of view. I regarded everything and anything that could happen to me as a result of a chain of bad events that would continue to happen in my life. I had been through a lot growing up and been raised by a single mother. I had been cheated on, lost some important people in my life, been denied jobs and scholarships, failed exams, had money stolen from me and watched people I love go through some pretty tortious circumstances in their own lives. It wasn’t untilRead More →

In my fourth year of university I took a Kinesiology course that focused on understanding the connectedness of the body, mind and soul. I had tried yoga maybe once or twice before this and I had friends who were super connected to their spiritual side, complete with crystals and meditation and the whole 9 yards. I was ignorant to this lifestyle and didn’t really care about or appreciate this spiritual side of me and what kind of person I could become if I just got in touch with that side and who I could become. I remember my instructor for this course was extremely intoRead More →

I’ve always been a firm believer that taking a trip somewhere, even if its within the same country but a different city, town, or even a couple of blocks away is soothing for the soul and provides an escape that you just can’t get from sitting in an office all day. When I first started dating my boyfriend, I told him probably within our first three dates that before I settled down with someone, I wanted to take some key trips with that person. I want this to happen before kids get into the picture, and even before marriage happens. Taking a trip with someoneRead More →

We’ve al been there- you wake up in the morning once your alarm goes off and dismiss it for another 5 minutes. You lay there thinking about the events to come in the day ahead, maybe you have an important meeting, maybe you have to drop your kids off at your parent’s house, maybe you don’t have anything to do at all. You get up, make yourself your tea/coffee/whatever it is you drink in the morning, and you sit enjoying the 5 minutes you have to yourself to sip your coffee and reflect on how you feel about today. You feel shitty, you feel likeRead More →