Summer is coming up (very slowly, but surely) and that means camping and cottage season are among us! As exciting as this is, this means the bug bites, allergies, dryness and skin conditions are also among us, and are we prepared? I asked myself that very question when I started to consider my annual summer shopping trip. Last year, it consisted of trips to major department stores to buy the same products with ingredients that I couldn’t pronounce, but this year it was a little different. After I made the conversion to natural products, I started to think of everything that needed to be replaced withRead More →

I recently signed up for an annual membership of hot yoga. I discovered the amazing practice about a year ago, but never signed up because I was too scared of the commitment and the price was increasingly more than paying for a simple gym membership. Recently, stress and the need to work out (including letting myself go) were huge factors in my decision to rekindle with yoga. I dipped my feet in, going to a few classes and then I finally decided to take the plunge and go for it. It was probably the best decision I have made in a loooong time. I LOVERead More →

Wax melts are all the rage right now. I bought a Scentsy warmer last year and although I thoroughly enjoyed it for a while, I didn’t end up buying more because I kept hearing different claims about what is emitted into the air from the wax melts. Although it is not clear what exact fragrance oils are used, Scentsy uses artificial fragrance oils AKA we have no idea what is being put into our wax melts. I have slowly started to replace most of my skincare/body care items with all natural, organic items and I started to think about other daily household items that mayRead More →

It’s that time of the month again! It feels like it was only a few days ago that I was writing up the Jan Faves post, and now we’re only a couple days away from March! February was another awesome month for great product discoveries, subscription boxes, and tons of food! Here are my faves that made the list: Subscription Box This was a really tough one because I received so many amazing boxes this month, but one definitely stands out to me for its inclusion of all natural and organic products, and for supporting women’s sexual health. I had a tough time placing theRead More →

We all have those days when we aren’t feeling so happy about ourselves. It’s not always easy to change how we feel or how we see ourselves but there are plenty of practices that we can engage in to gain confidence and learn how to love ourselves over again. Here are 5 ways to indulge in self-love: Cook Dinner for Yourself One of the most rewarding and probably most fun ways to treat yourself is to cook for you- and you only. I realize that can be super difficult if you have a family and can’t find a spare moment to make a meal forRead More →

If someone asked you to pick one thing in this entire universe that puts you in your happy place, what would that be? For some people, its their dog, their favourite television show, their car, their significant other. Not to say that my sig. other doesn’t put me there (I hope he’s not reading this) but sometimes you just need an item or a product that will calm you down and remind you why life’s not so bad. For me, that something is tea and candles. I never was a tea fanatic until I tried loose leaf tea. There was something so different about itRead More →

‘Lifestyle Blog is one of those terms that have been questioned over and over as a term that no one quite understands. It’s often misconstrued as: You want to write a blog but you can’t pick a niche; therefore you will lump all of your insights and ideas into one category and call that a ‘lifestyle blog’. I completely disagree with this idea, as lifestyle blogs are not only very interesting but also carry many creative ideas, thoughtful insights, and allow bloggers to express themselves on a whole different level. It also allows bloggers to combine different interests into one blog, instead of creating separateRead More →

Believe it or not- the first month of 2017 has now come to an end. Have you done what you wanted to do? Have you achieved the goals you set out for before you rang in the new year? I feel as if I blinked and the first 1/12th of the year was over in a literal flash. People are obsessed with setting goals and asking the famous ‘what do you plan to do’ question. Only 11 months away from 2018 (yikes), and everyone starts crazily planning what adventures can be taken to make 2017 better than the year before. That’s humanity’s problem- everything just has to be better than whatRead More →

One of the biggest misconceptions about millennials is that everything we do, everywhere we go, we are taking our sweet time getting there and not thinking about the consequences of our actions. I think there is an element of truth in this ideal, as I can agree that millennials grew up in a generation surrounded by emerging technologies and prolonged education; therefore living at home longer with parents, taking longer to get married and have children, and even defying the odds by deciding against marriage, children, or the typical nuclear household that held generation x and the baby boomers in place. We are a generation definedRead More →

For all of the bloggers out there, no matter what kinds of topics you write about, do you ever have that moment when you’re finally sitting at your computer, sweatpants on, hair tied up, ready to write; and your mind goes blank? Your fingers are literally on the keyboard, about to start typing away your next big blog post, but you just can’t think of what to write about. Where do you find the inspiration to develop an awesome post? Where do you search to find the thing you’re passionate about, and then produce even more passionate material? I have struggled with writing good postsRead More →