Alakaban Tea is a monthly subscription box located near Vancouver, British Columbia that delivers tea grown from Sri Lanka right to your door. They strive to encourage subscribers to make and use the tea creatively, in a DIY type-fashion. We utilize our strong Sri Lankan connections and our North American location to bring high quality tea at lower costs to you.  As a world renown tea lovers’ destination, Sri Lanka has a tremendous amount to offer. With our strong connections to the former Ceylon, we have an understanding of tea and tea culture. With Alakaban’s strong roots in Sri Lanka, we wish to bring you theRead More →

Dollar Tea Club is a ‘Tea of the Month’ club where you can have premium loose leaf tea shipped right to your door every month for a low cost. The tea is ethically sourced through direct trade and there are over 30 flavours from 5 countries that are delivered. I am an AVID tea drinker. I drink tea at least 2-3 times a day, sometimes more. I am obsessed with the different flavours, the types of teas, and especially the benefits that come from tea. I also can’t emphasize enough how much more beneficial it is to grab a freshly-brewed, loose leaf cup of tea before starting yourRead More →

Amoda Tea is a monthly tea subscription service that I have not yet tried before, but I just had to after seeing some reviews online! I looooove everything about tea; the soothing nature, the herbal remedy, the pick-me-up in the morning. I drink loose leaf tea on the regular (read my article on loose leaf tea here) so it just made sense to discover a loose leaf tea subscription box! Amoda Tea Amoda is a health and wellness driven brand connecting you to the power of plants – tea, matcha and superfoods, to help you be the happiest, healthiest, tea-lovin’ version of you. We use ancientRead More →

I started to build my tea collection about a year ago (mostly with David’s Tea) and I remember I became so obsessed that I was drinking tea sometimes 2, 3 or even 4 times a day. I even had to get a new kettle because I broke our 20-year-old one from over-usage. After trying many, many, MANY different kinds of tea from David’s Tea, I decided it was time to branch out and try other brands; namely organic tea that is difficult to find in stores. I started searching for tea subscription boxes but I found many were overpriced and didn’t include as much tea asRead More →