Sealuxe is a company based out of White Rock, British Columbia that makes handcrafted & natural skincare/bath products. Their ingredients are carefully chosen and highly concentrated in order to deliver the most pure and nutrient-rich concoctions. The products are formulated without parabens, sulphates, petroleum, phthalates, chemicals, dyes or unnatural preservatives. Sealuxe At SeaLuxe, we want you to discover for yourself your ability to heal and preserve your skin through nutritious skin rituals. Our soaps, cleansing grains, body butters – they don’t just clean and moisturize, they flood your every pore with high levels of potent ingredients specifically chosen for their therapeutic properties. When you choose SeaLuxe,Read More →

With so many products on the market today, it can be really difficult to tell the difference between what is good and what is bad for us. There has been a vastly increasing need for healthy, ‘all-natural’ products so people can learn to live chemical-free lives and achieve optimal health. This is one key concept that Thu Vo realized when she started VO2CO- that there are so many hidden chemicals and additives that exist in skincare products that we use on a daily basis, and finding natural alternatives that don’t break your wallet is another challenge on its own. VO2CO VO2CO is a small batch company based in Toronto specializing in naturalRead More →

Testing out products and watching the effect they have is one of my favourite parts of being a lifestyle blogger. I love the ability to show others how sticking to green beauty products can have such a profound effect on your skin, and on your life in general. I was never really one for night creams, I would do my typical cleanser/exfoliator/sometimes face mask/moisturizer routine and then call it a night. I began to research the benefits of using night creams, and I realized that I always been ignorant of so many of the good reasons I should have been using one all along. Night Creams areRead More →

The word ‘natural’ is a very broad term that, in the general scope of things, can have many definitions. Natural could mean something created or caused by nature, something made entirely natural with no ‘unnatural’ ingredients, or something claiming to be natural but still made with preservatives and chemicals. So how do we know that what we’re putting in/on our bodies is ‘natural’ and good for us? For me, it really boils down to research and knowing how to read ingredient labels. Once I discovered that the products I had been using all my life purchased from grocery stores and drugstores play a correlational role in theRead More →

When Southern Ontario sees the biggest snow storm of the year, I stay in and bring out all of the beauty essentials, and pamper the hell out of myself. Why? Because it’s well deserved, and that goes for anyone. Taking that time, whether its an hour, a few hours, or even 30 minutes to satisfy your skincare routine and to make you feel that much calmer is ALWAYS worth it.   Here are my beauty essentials: Body Essentials It doesn’t take a lot of products to achieve the soft skin you’ve been vying after. My body cleansing routine is quite simple, given it changes dependingRead More →

If you haven’t heard of Shills Purifying Peel-off Mask by now, it’s pretty much the most popular peel-off mask of the decade. I first saw this pop up around the end of 2016 on Instagram and Facebook sponsored ads, with thousands of comments asking where to purchase them, if they really work, etc. At first, I was reluctant to purchase the mask as I had no idea where it originated from, or if it was really worth the money. Would this mask really do what it’s supposed to do (AKA remove all of your blackheads and acne). Clearly, anyone interested in beauty products went nuts-Read More →

If you love supporting small businesses, if you love natural beauty products that don’t contain added chemicals and harsh ingredients, and if you want to achieve the nicest skin and hair for the cheapest price, you must check out MelaBath! The Company I have a special liking for MelaBath because the company is located so closely to where I live, and I love finding local places I can support that happen to be in the same city! I first heard about the company when I was searching for local businesses on Instagram and I came across MelaBath. I’m crazy about all natural skincare and beauty products so IRead More →

It’s difficult to make a decision about which beauty subscription you want to ty out monthly when there are so many boxes out there and they all seem so similar! Anyone who loves subscription boxes probably has this problem once you discover the endless subscriptions that exist. So how you do you narrow it down to ONE? I have tried many beauty boxes in the past but I landed on Ipsy and TOPBOX as my favourites, as they are arguably two of the most well-known and popular beauty subscriptions for makeup lovers. It also helps that TOPBOX releases Special Edition boxes PACKED full with products (Check out my FebruaryRead More →

I’ve never really tried hair treatments before, I always wanted to but I’ve never dyed my hair and I don’t straighten or curl it often so my hair is generally healthy. I’ve also heard that basic ingredients you can purchase at grocery stores can be used to treat hair, like plain coconut oil, avocado, yogurt, honey, etc. I’m never one to say no to trying new treatments, however, so I was super excited to try the well renowned St. Tropica Hot Oil Treatment that arrived in my February TopBox. St. Tropica Hot Oil Treatment Our coveted, organic Hair Mask formula starts with the single mostRead More →

I have become so obsessed with lengthy bedtime skincare routines. I used to only stick to one or two products before bed but I realized it wasn’t really doing much for my skin, and once I started ordering more beauty subscription boxes, I was getting awesome organic/natural products that I found easy to incorporate into my everyday routine. Below is an example of a typical routine that I would do on a weeknight. I switch it up everyday and use different products; so on a Monday I may use a face mask and on a Tuesday I may use a face scrub, it depends onRead More →