Why do I love natural deodorant so much? For MANY reasons. First, they do not contain  aluminum, parabens, fragrances, or many of the other nasty ingredients that cheaper deodorants are chalk full of. Second, they are GOOD for your skin and for your health. There have been studies that have also linked breast cancer and unnatural, store-bought deodorants. If you read studies on the link between breast cancer and deodorant application, many cite that the presence of aluminum in deodorant may have a link to breast cancer cell growth and development, but others state there is no relationship. Personally, I don’t understand how studies canRead More →

Sunshine Body Essentials is a small business located in Missouri that makes made-to-order organic health and beauty products. Every single product is free of dyes, harsh chemicals and parabens. The shop contains items ranging from natural deodorant to eye creams to lotions, and are all made with love by Sunshine, who loves to make organic products for her busy family. “When I make my products it brings calmness and peace of mind to me. I feel as though I can think. So for us to not only use organic body products I make but to make a switch in our way of eating, has changed ourRead More →

Buddhaful Skin Care is a company from Abbortsford, British Columbia that specializes in all natural, therapeutic skincare products with the mission to take clients on an all-natural journey! The company started when the owner and creator, Lavanda, was fed up with her acne-prone skin and wanted to opt for more natural products instead. Here is her story: After trying several expensive facial skin care products (with minimal or no success) to help with my oily acne prone skin, I decided to try natural oil products. With some apprehension, I purchased my first bottle of face serum from a local natural skin care business. I was pleasantly surprised withRead More →

The words ‘healthy kit’ excite me so much. I faithfully stick to many skincare and health products in my day-to-day activities but I am ALWAYS open to trying new things, especially since livelaughblog is largely a product review blog. Being from Ontario, Canada; it always makes me happy to support local businesses that make plant-based foods and beauty products. I posted earlier on my Instagram page about how I had watched the documentary Food Inc yesterday which really broadens your horizons and opens your eyes about the meat packing industry, as well as the general food industry. It’s really hard to convert your entire life to eatingRead More →

As May is coming to an end, so are the contents of many of my lovely locally made skincare products. One in particular that I have been using since December (very rationally I might add) has finally come to an end. Here is a complete review of my skincare changes from December until now, using the amazing Studio Aroma Lemongrass Walnut Scrub twice a week. Studio Aroma     Our philosophy at Studio Aroma is to invoke awareness holistically on your body, mind and soul to restore the natural balance in you. Studio Aroma is a modern aromatic apothecary company providing body care and lifestyle itemsRead More →

Aging is a scary thing, especially to people (like myself) who are hitting mid-twenties and wondering when I’m going to magically wake up one day with wrinkles starting to show. I started using a pretty fantastic anti-aging line that fits all my standards of vegan, gluten-free, dermatologist tested and suitable for all skin types. Of course, I didn’t think it was so important to start with anti-aging products early, but here’s why you should: Why it’s important to start young The skin ages both biologically and environmentally, where production of collagen and elastin slows down by 65% between the ages of 20 and 80. 10% ofRead More →

Today I’m reviewing a product that I have wanted to get my hands on for a loooong time but always feared the cost (I am likely the most frugal person you’ll ever come across). I’ve seen beeswax candles in a few local stores before and listened while the sales person raved about the benefits. After being convinced 5 seconds into the conversation, the little factor of the price was brought up and announced how pricey these little candles were (but for good reason of course). I still bit the bullet and purchased the candles, and didn’t regret my decision for a second. Beeswax has aRead More →

Green Envy Cosmetics Green Envy Cosmetics is a small single-owned company located in Vancouver, British Columbia, specializing in handcrafted skincare, beauty and cosmetic products. One of a kind, all natural products for body, mind and spirit handmade with love, light and good vibes. Green Envy cosmetics are handcrafted in beautiful Vancouver, BC Canada.  The owner is a makeup artist and skincare specialist who worked in the cosmetic industry for a long time before starting Green Envy Cosmetics. She uses pure essential oils in her products for their healing properties and for the fresh scent. The products are cruelty free, made in small batches and available for purchaseRead More →

Being a beauty product reviewer is a fantastic thing to be, there are always new and exciting products to try and my collection is BEAMING- it’s to a point where I have to plan my skincare routine ahead of time each night! I have increasingly been interested in holistic health and researching what kinds of ingredients are going into my skin from the products I use on a daily basis. One of my goals is to try as many ‘natural’ skincare companies as possible and see which one not necessarily has the ‘best’ product, but which one has the most natural product that is bestRead More →

I’ve reallllly been jumping on this whole natural/organic product thing lately. Making the switch to only ‘natural products’ is hard because for one, you don’t know if what you’re getting is really 100% natural or if it only contains natural properties, and it’s also much more convenient to buy cheap products at the grocery store and call it a day. I never even knew that there was a whole world full of these natural products right outside my door until about a year ago. I didn’t really care about what I put on my skin and I never stopped to think twice about what kindRead More →