December 2017 Date Mail Subscription Box Review

Date Mail is a monthly subscription service that delivers a full date night experience to your door step every month. It was started by a Canadian event coordinator who was trying to find ways to come up with unique date night experiences.

What’s Inside?


Here’s what you can count on:

New theme announced each month as a tease
Instructions and everything you need for your date
Dates for a fun night at home & some that will get you out of the house on an adventure
Always unique & effortless

Our Specialty: Delivering an EXPERIENCE.  We think ‘inside’ the box to ensure we live up to the promise of delivering you and your partner a memorable date night (or day!). 

Gift Cards

Gift cards are now available to purchase starting at $25.

Price Options:

Shipping: Approx. $10.00

Month-by-Month: $39.99

Not ready to jump into a serious relationship with us?  That’s ok, we can flirt a bit and mail you one box at a time until you’re sure you would like a longer term subscription!

The Oh My! Box: $65.00

Designed to be sex positive, these special dates are themed just as our other Date Mail boxes are and they will be available bi-monthly. And of course, if you are a same sex couple, we will cater to you, so please advise us after you have ordered so we can curate just the right box because everyone deserves the best behind closed doors!


Going Steady: (3 Months, $138.00)

Want to take a chance & hang out a little more often?  Let us send you 3 MONTHS worth of dates and as a thank you, we’ll include a Date-velope ($25.00 value), which is a mini-version of a date box.

Getting Steamy: (6 Month, $249.00)

We love you.  You love us.  The mail man (or lady) is your best friend by now, so ya, things are getting steamy by now!  We’re sending you 6 MONTHS worth of dates and you’re going to get all kinds of special surprises along the way including 2 free Date-velopes ($50.00 value).  Let’s have FUN!

The Box

Typically Date Mail sends detailed information about the products in the box, but since this box is randomized, the card was of course not included for photo opportunity but it’s good to know that this is usually included.


This box was kindly sent to me for review purposes. I was sent a mystery box which includes an assortment of goodies that were or will be included in past and future date mail boxes.

If you wish to purchase the December box, it’s theme is ‘Naughty or Nice?’ and people have a choice between the ‘nice’ box or the ‘naughty’ box when they place their order.  The naughty box will be a mini version of the Oh My! box and the ‘nice’ box falls in line with what is typically sent, which is still a great date night, just in a different way than the naughty box!  The nice box is safe enough to gift to other couples, even your parents!

Themes of this Box

Mystery Items:

Date Night Truth or Dare Cards

A great idea for nights when you feel like reconnecting over a glass of wine (or whatever you prefer) and some good and innocent fun!


November Box items:

This box was called ‘Game On’.  This cute little black bag encouraged couples to put their cell phones into and tuck away for the rest of their date night so as not to get distracted by social media or other distractions.


Spa-Luxe Box items:

This box included a spray that makes for a lovely body mist but is primarily intended to spray on your bed sheets as an aphrodisiac for extra bedroom ambiance. The mini massage bars are sent regularly and are said to melt in your hands!  The scents are popular and mixed up in different boxes! The fun glow in the dark soap is for those people who may like to grab a shower together!

Oh My! Box items:

Intimate Earth G-Spot Stimulating Serum
Shunga Erotic Art Divine Oral Pleasure Gloss
Fetish Fantasy Series Rope

December’s Theme Box

Holiday Hot Chocolate


Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed the variety of useful products that can literally be utilized from morning to night, weekends or weekdays from the erotic items to the hot chocolate to the cell phone disappearing machine (that’s what I like to call it!). This box fits anyone’s needs with its vast amount of options for a fun date night. Date Mail has accomplished so much in so little time and really listened to what their audience wants for the products. I liked being able to showcase the different kinds of products that come in various Date Mail boxes for buyers to get a sense of what the box is all about!

Great job Date Mail!

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