Eden Organyx December 2017 Subscription Box Review

Eden Organyx is a growing Canadian company that makes 100% natural skin care for the whole family. Their products are paraben and phthalate free as well as cruelty free.


At Eden Organyx, we think of our products as healthy food for skin; after all, skin is our biggest organ and it should be cared for the same way we treat our inner body. That’s why our ethically sourced ingredients are 100% natural; most being organic and vegan.

All our products are paraben free and phthalate free. We only use 100% natural, paraben free and phthalate free fragrance oils and pigments. In addition, the all-natural flavor oils we use in our lip balms are gluten free. Eden Organyx has an utmost respect for Mother Nature; our products are never tested on animals and are biodegradable. Our methods are simple, Eco-friendly and sustainable.

Eden Organyx has a vast variety of natural skincare products including deodorants, body oils, hand lotions, soaps, bath bombs, lip balms, face creams; the list goes on!

Subscription Box


Subscription boxes are offered bi-monthly for $60.00.

Shipping: $5.99 shipping in Canada and $12.99 in the US

Valued at over $90 of full size products, our Boxes are curated with our amazing 100% natural products and other tastefully chosen lifestyle items, to make your experience enjoyable and unique.



This box had a beautiful Christmas theme- the second I opened the box I was hit with the magical scent of the holidays and the vibrant, bright Christmas colours to go with it. The box was also beautifully and very neatly packed. The tissue paper and ribbons were a very nice touch; making the box feel extra Christmasy!

Eden Organyx Hand Lotion & Wash Set: $25.00

This sulfate free, vegan and deliciously scented set, composed of a hand wash and a hand lotion is a perfect gift idea. The hand wash will keep your hands clean while the light-textured lotion will hydrate, soften and rejuvenate your hands with no inconvenient greasy feeling.  After a couple weeks of using this nicely scented product duo, besides your hands looking great and soft, you will also enjoy healthier nails & cuticles.

This was such a nice duo and both are deliciously scented! I love that the products are made without parabens, phlalates and other unhealthy ingredients. The wrapping job was also excellently done!


Eden Organyx Bath Bombs: $5.00 each/$15.00 a set

Our 100% natural, vegan and fizzy bath bombs provide a luxury, relaxing and yet fun bath experience. Nicely scented and loaded with detoxifying ingredients and minerals, our bath bombs will help relax sore or tense muscles and soften your skin.

I loved the presentation and the excellent wrapping of these bath bombs. I was so conflicted because I wanted to both give the set away as a Christmas gift considering it was so beautifully wrapped, but also keep it for myself! I decided to keep this gift set as it smells too damn good!


Eden Organyx Lotions, travel size: $6.00

Our light textured, soft and deliciously scented lotions will hydrate and transform your skin; they are naturally rich in Retinol, Collagen and Vitamin E. Our lotions promote skin rejuvenation and will leave it with a silky smooth and healthy appearance. From head to toe, these hydrating lotions are suitable for the whole family and are also vegan.

In these dry winter months, lotions are an absolute necessity in order to keep the skin hydrated and lead to softer, smoother skin! These lotions smell amazing and are made with natural, healthy ingredients that promote healthy skin!


Eden Organyx Bath Salt: $10.00

Made with pure Himalayan salt, Dead Sea salt and other natural ingredients magically blended together, this uplifting, 100% natural, vegan and soothing bath salt, rich with antioxidants, provides a relaxing and therapeutic experience. 
Delicately scented, our bath salt draws out toxins, softens and re-mineralizes skin.

These bath salts are my absolute FAVOURITE scent- a beautiful eucalyptus-peppermint combination (I love anything minty). Again- this is another gift that I would love to treat my family and friends to, but I don’t think I can give this one up!


Handmade Neck Warmer

I wasn’t expecting to find this handmade, extremely cozy neck warmer in the winter box. I thought this was such a nice touch to include in a subscription box meant for Christmas/the winter as it adds a great accessory to keep warm in the chilly upcoming months! I also love handmade items, you can tell the hard work and effort that is put in to making the items!


Final Thoughts

You are truly getting the value of what you pay for this box. You are also getting some of the best quality products from a local Canadian artisans which is especially great for those who wish to support small businesses. I feel the box really stays true to the season accompanying the release of the box- which in this case was Winter. I absolutely adore that you don’t need a subscription to get this box. I have had so many problems with companies in the past that force you to subscribe in order to get a box. Sometimes you just want to try out a box before making the commitment of subscribing!

For more information on the skincare effects of Vitamin E, how to use it, and so much other valuable information,  visit the link below!

Vitamin E: The Key To Healthy, Younger-Looking Skinhttps://www.thankyourskin.com/vitamin-e-for-skin/

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