Full of Grace September 2017 Unboxing & Review

Once in a while you come across companies that care SO much about the curation, appearance, style and display of their products that you can just feel it when you first get your hands on the product(s)!

One of my favourite things about being a product reviewer is working with such wonderful, passionate and caring individuals who are a true pleasure to work with. It makes me feel truly fulfilled to be able to share products that clearly took hard work and plenty of dedication. I got that vibe immediately when I first spoke to the owner of this wonderful subscription box.

When I work with a company I always ask myself how their products will fit into my blog and the things that I talk about. My goal is to review products that fit a natural, healthy lifestyle that also encompass wellness and wellbeing. Full of Grace box fits perfectly into that mold.

Full of Grace Box



Full of Grace is a monthly gift box for women featuring items made in Canada 🇨🇦

There are also bridesmaid and birthday boxes that are all available upon request, all you have to do is DM Full of Grace on Instagram!


$45.00 Monthly, the box ships at the end of the month

The beautiful thing about this box is that there is NO SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED! You can order anytime you like by DM-ing Full of Grace box on her Instagram page!


This box was kindly sent to livelaughblog for review purposes. The September box featured 6 items which were all carefully handpicked and curated for a nice fall theme.


Bee Project Apiaries Honey: $14.00

Our Neighbourhood Honey from different areas of the city provide a great example of how the flowers in the urban setting provide a unique colour and flavour of honey based on what’s blooming in the area at any given time. Some light and fruity and others dark and floral.

This honey is locally sold at Farmer’s Markets in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The company focuses on installing and maintaining hives for other organizations, and is owned by two nurses-turned-beekeepers. I find it great that honey from a different province could be included in this box, because I otherwise probably wouldn’t have been able to get my hands on this honey! The honey is deliciously light and sweet, you can really taste the difference between store bought honey and this natural honey straight from the hives!


Prairie-girl Candles- Coconut Lime: $14.50

All candles are hand poured with only 100% Manitoba beeswax and NO chemical additives. Each candle is individually scented with a personally created essential oil blend and slowly added into the wax, creating your very own unique aroma.

Oh how I love candles, especially hand poured beeswax candles made with essential oils and completely personalized to your preferences! I received coconut lime which smells exactly like the perfect mixture of the two scents! Beeswax is extremely benefical to burn as it emits negative ions in the air which react with positive ions; thus cleaning and purifying the air. It is extremely beneficial to burn when feeling sick, or when you feel like you need to create a positive space. Beeswax is also very expensive so kudos to Full of Grace box for this amazing inclusion!


New Moon Tea Co Iced Tea- Pool Party: $6.24

The perfect Summer companion to any bbq, party or summer evening.

The iced teas on the New Moon Co Tea website are sold out since we are in the midst of Fall so I could not get exact information on the tea, but I feel iced tea can definitely still be appropriate as we’ve been having some warm fall days recently! I’m sure you could also brew hot tea with this loose leaf tea! New Moon selects only the best quality loose leaf tea for their products. You can taste the difference when you sip their tea between a generic store-bought brand and this hand-picked, harvested tea. Delicious!


Polar Tea Co Caramel Apple Pie & Gingerbread House: $4.00 x 2

Gingerbread House: A sweet treat with fruit, cinnamon, coconut, nuts and popcorn! This fun tea brews up as a bright pink colour and tastes of apple and cinnamon.

Caramel Apple Pie: With sweet caramel, juicy apples, and a hint of honey, this tea will remind you of a fresh pie!

I love tea so much to the point where I have an overflowing cabinet packed full of loose leaf tea. One of my favourite items that I could possibly get in a subscription box is hands down… tea! So I’m super thrilled with this product! The flavours are so appropriate for fall (I like more spicy flavours when the weather gets cooler) and the company that sells this tea only sells high quality loose-leaf tea blends and is based out of Beamsville, ON which is so close to home! Their teas start at only $4.00 as well which is a steal.22140224_10159321999710655_96365210_o

Pure Anada Lip Balm- Tropical: $3.00

Escape to tropical pineapple paradise.

Formulated free of artificial colorants, fragrances, preservatives or chemicals, this line of cosmetics is beautiful, pure and natural! I love makeup that you can put safely on your face without worrying about what chemicals, toxins or preservatives are going onto your skin. You can feel confident knowing this tropical smelling lip balm will keep your lips moisturized, smelling great and clean of any bad chemicals!


Final Thoughts

You are truly getting the value of what you pay for this box. You are also getting some of the best quality products from local Canadian artisans which is especially great for those who wish to support small businesses. I feel the box really stays true to the season accompanying the release of the box- which in this case was Fall. I absolutely adore that you don’t need a subscription to get this box. I have had so many problems with companies in the past that force you to subscribe in order to get a box. Sometimes you just want to try out a box before making the commitment of subscribing and Full of Grace understands that! The other great thing about this box is that you can contact Full of Grace for customized boxes if you have an event coming up or want to gift a special someone an amazing locally made box!




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