YumYum Candy July 2017 We-Joy Box

YumYum Candy is a monthly subscription to only the best and hard to get candy from around the world. A team of experts assembles a carefully selected candy assortment of different flavors to satisfy each of your taste buds. All this will be delivered to your doorstep every month. 

Yum Yum Candy has a number of plans that the subscriber can choose from to get the best options. 


From $23.99 / month
(Billed Monthly)

7+ Candies


From $33.99 / month
(Billed Monthly)

12+ Candies

Each plan has different payment options with discounts for how many months you choose to subscribe. For example, if you want to subscribe for 6 months for the We-Joy box, you pay $34.99 for 6 months instead of $36.99 for 1 month.

July 2017 We-Joy Box

YumYum Candy kindly sent livelaughblog this box for review purposes. Although I try to review boxes that support a healthy lifestyle, I also support small businesses and don’t mind the occasional (or more!) Candy or chocolate bar!

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I loveeeeee product cards and think they’re so necessary for subscription boxes. Anyone who orders any kind of subscription wants to know what items are in their box and where they come from (especially if you want to order more in the future)!20353914_10159016189100655_306262337_o

Chomp by Cadbury

Delicious caramel treats wrapped in smooth Cadbury Milk chocolate


Nonono Banana Turkish Taffy

Enjoy this retro treat with a taffi-rific banana flavour.

This was really hard to chew but it reminded me of being a kid and taking that delicious banana medicine, this was basically the same but in Taffy form!


Licorice Pipes

A fun way to enjoy that classic licorice flavour.

I actually do not like black licorice at all, if this was red licorice I would have very much enjoyed this!


Efruitti Pizza Gummi Candy

Try this fun mini pizza made of soft and chewy gummy candy.

I remember growing up on these candies! Especially the hamburger candies, this pizza gummy is just as tasty and super fun to eat!


Super Blow Pop Sweet and Sour

Yummy and chewy bubble gum centre surrounded by a delicious, fruit flavoured candy shell.

This one didn’t last long at all! The sour-turning-sweet taste was delicious and so hard to put down, this also brought back memories of going to the store and picking out these kinds of lollipops with my allowance money! Love the gum centre too!


Pop Rocks Cotton Candy Explosion

Pour the satchet into your mouth and enjoy the cracking sensation as the candy explodes in your mouth!

Who didn’t love pop rocks as a kid? These little rocks were the talk of the town when they first came out, the fun we would have listening and experiencing the cracking fun of the candy was the best part!


Hershey’s mr.Goodbar

Treat yourself to a classic candy That’s withstood the test of time since 1925.

Arguably the first Hershey’s Bar to hit the stands, this basic chocolate and peanut collaboration  is what made Hershey famous in the first place!


Sour Razzles

Colourful and flavourful hard candy with gum centre

Whenever I think of Razzles I think of 13 Going on 30..anyone else think the same thing? These are sour at first but eventually start tasting sweet and turn into gum!


Candyland Milk Bottles

Unique, chewy candy that tastes like milk in fun milk shaped bottles.

I really underestimated how delicious these milk bottles were. When I first saw milk bottles I thought that was kind of Odd, but not after you taste these delicious creamy ‘milk bottles’!


Mike and Ike Root Beer Float

Tickle your taste buds with these yummy retro treats!

I have always loved Mike and Ikes, literally all flavours are delicious so I was thrilled to try this retro version that tastes just like root beer!


Nestle Lion Peanut

Enjoy the perfect crunch in this delicious bar of chocolate with crispy wafer and chewy caramel.


Jawbreaker by Sweet Maple

Take your time and savour this super hard candy. Don’t take a risk and bite it, you might crack a tooth!

Yeeesss I LOVE jawbreakers! These classic hard as nails candy remind me of my childhood and trying to figure out why the heck this huge candy wouldn’t break! I haven’t had one in years so I can’t wait to get my Hands, or mouth I should say, on this massive jawbreaker!


Final Thoughts

I really felt the retro vibe from this box which makes me love it even more. This reminds me of going into an old fashioned candy store and being able to pick out tons of different candies, only with this box you have the candy shipped right to your door! There was a really good variety of chocolate and candy, sour and sweet, and different kinds of textures. I think the only thing I would change might be the price, just to lower it slightly because I have found old fashioned candy stores to be much cheaper. The presentation and quality was still very impressive!

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