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Beto’s Coffee Company is a Nicaraguan business that creates sustainable, handmade products right from coffee and coffee sacks (they also sell coffee itself). The goal of this charity-driven business is to give back, to bring people together and to help the community not only get jobs, but also get the proper services to help with the deprived economic, social and environmental conditions.


They have an amazing assortment of items from hand bags and wallets to coasters for coffee, shoes, and of course, actual coffee beans. From their Facebook Page, they describe how a local Nicaraguan shoemaker who has been handcrafting shoes for decades is now employed and making shoes out of coffee sacks. The impact this business has had on not only the Nicaraguan community but also the consumers of the products and the rest of the Western world is amazing.

Beto’s Coffee Company started as a response from the community of Masatepe, Nicaragua, expressing their desire to have a local coffee shop, to promote the culture of coffee within a community that has been producing coffee for decades, but seldomly enjoys the fruits of it’s own harvest.  We, as a company, engage in a process known as Integrated Community Transformation. Given the high level of economic oppression here in Nicaragua, we chose business as a starting point.  Not only are we able to provide jobs, products and services, but we are able to work within the community in which we desire to see transformation take place, giving us firsthand experience and a better understanding of the real limitations and oppression that exist here.  Coffee is also a very relational product, one that naturally brings people together for meetings and simply spending time together.  Running a coffee shop in a town of 45,000 people has allowed us to build tremendous amounts of relationships and engage with the business community at the same time.  After serving over 10,000 coffees in our first year of existence, we decided it was a viable business and decide to dig in a little deeper and expand our impact.  

When I first spoke to Claire about Beto’s Coffee Co, I was truly fascinated by the work the company does. You hear of many places that give back to impoverished communities but not quite like this, where jobs are provided and economic conditions improve because of this company. The handmade items from these hardworking, talented individuals are beautifully crafted and mean so much more to me than an item bought at a major corporation.

The Items

Claire was kind enough to send me three items from Beto’s Coffee Co.

The Julio Handmade Mug: $12.00 USD

Enjoy a cup of Beto’s freshly roasted coffee in this handmade mug! It sports a carefully carved Guardabarranco, the national bird of Nicaragua, along with coffee cherries and the name of our company. What better way to enjoy our coffee than in an authentic Nicaraguan mug? 

First up is this handcrafted and hand carved mug. I am not a coffee drinker, I actually really do not like the taste of coffee but I drink tea 3 times a day so this will likely be my new favourite tea mug. I feel the strong sense of culture this mug brings with the hand carved picture of the national bird of Nicaragua on the front, and the hand painted ‘Nicaragua’ on the bottom of the mug.


Freshly Roasted Coffee: $12.50 USD

We’ve searched Nicaragua high and low for the best coffee we can find. We’ve tried dozens of varieties of beans from all around the Country. We’ve served thousands of cups of coffee in our local coffee shop. And the coffee we’ve ended up with is the best we’ve had. 100% Arabica, high-altitude, shade-grown coffee from the north mountains of Nicaragua. It won’t disappoint. 

Although I don’t like coffee, I have friends and family who do AND I love using coffee in my handmade body scrubs. Even though I don’t like the taste, I have never tried Nicaraguan Coffee before (pretty much only ever Tim Horton’s coffees) so who knows, maybe this will be the coffee that changes my mind!


The Maria Wallet: $16.50 USD

This red burlap wallet has compartments for your money, ID, and change. Its sleek design and colorful fabric make The Maria Wallet a stylish option!

I’ve had the same white Guess wallet for about 5 years now and it is torn apart and battered. I’m really thrilled that I now have a new wallet, handcrafted out of coffee sacks (amazing, right?) and stylish at that! I have a thousand cards so I’m not sure if the inside is going to hold all of them, but this is the perfect sustainable wallet to hold your basic information and money.


Final Thoughts

If you don’t think a company that supports an impoverished community and hands out jobs and services to its citizens is an amazing thing, then please leave. I am so impressed with the mission of this company along with the amazing handcrafted items that they create. I love that these items are made from recycled coffee sacks, I feel this adds value to the items and makes them that much more special. They have a lot more nifty stuff on their site, I would probably consider getting my shoes here next time over going to the local mall. Great job, Betos’!

Click here to check out Beto’s Coffee Company!

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