Love With Food July 2017 Unboxing & Review

Love With Food is hands down, my favourite food subscription box.

If you haven’t heard of Love With Food, it’s one of the most awesome food subscription boxes out there. Not only do you get completely natural, organic and gluten free snacks delivered right to your door, but you can get your membership for as low as $7.99. And did I mention these boxes are PACKED with food?

The Box



Love With Food is the easiest way to Snack Smart and Do Good.

We help you discover new organic, all-natural or gluten-free snacks delivered to your door monthly. Receive a box of mystery better-for-you snacks and go on a fun foodie adventure with us every month. Our membership starts as low as $7.99/month.

We donate a portion of the proceeds to help fight childhood hunger in the US and around the world. We donate to organizations like Feeding America and The Global Food Banking Network. Join us to help end childhood hunger one meal at a time.

I love many features about this box, but I feel awesome knowing that for every box I purchase, there is a portion of the proceeds donated to help fight childhood hunger.

Click here to discover new junk-free snacks every month and help fight childhood hunger!


Yum Earth Organics

Our world famous YumEarth gummies, fruit snacks, licorice, lollipops, and other treats are honestly crafted with our legendary flavors and are gluten-free so everyone can enjoy.



Watusee Foods- Organic Chickpeatos Tomato Basil

These tomato basil Chickpeatos taste just like a bite sized pizza! 

I thought it was really interesting that chickpeas could be regarded as a snack, I always thought of them as a food you would just cook with. These bites were awesome! They tasted like those roasted corn snacks that are freaking delicious. Props to Love with Food for this snack!


Belgian Boys Mini Cookie Stash- Cookie Butter Cookies

Our favorite cookie butter cookies in a cute mustache shape! Perfect 1 oz bags to nosh “on the go”.


The Daily Crave Veggie Chips

Breaking News! Veggie Chips are made with all natural ingredients, no dairy, 100% vegan, no artificial flavours or colours, no hydrogenated fats, 0 trans fat.


NBTF: Nothing But the Fruit Real Fruit Bites

All of our Fruit Bites are made with 100% real fruit that is picked, pureed, and pressed – with no refined sugar, artificial preservatives, artificial flavors, fillers or waxes. Our Real Fruit Bites are also Non-GMO, vegan and gluten-free. Made with Nothing But the Fruit, you’ll love everything that’s in our Real Fruit Bites, and love everything that’s not


Ocean’s Halo Coconut; The Seaweed Strip

Ocean’s Halo Coconut Seaweed Strips combine two of your favorite ingredients in superfood snacking heaven. Coconut flakes are layered between two roasted seaweed strips for a sweet and savory, extra-crispy snack you won’t be able to put down.


Bandar Naan Chips; Garlic

The ultimate in versatility, these chips will have your back at any summertime get-together.


Aloha Protein Bar Peanut Butter & Jelly

Come for your favorite flavors, stay for the plant-based protein. (And the fact that these perfectly filling bars are free of unwanted ingredients like soy and dairy.)


Teddy Soft Bakes Chocolate Filling

Teddy Soft Bakes are a light-textured, fluffy soft baked treat created in the shape of a bear. Each product is baked to perfection using quality ingredients you will recognize like milk, eggs, flour and chocolate. They are made with no high fructose corn syrup and contain no artificial flavors or colors. Teddy Soft Bakes are available in two delicious varieties: Chocolate filling and Vanilla-flavored filling that kids will love to discover.


Dick & Jane Educational Snacks; States & Capitals

This collection features the all 50 states of the U S of A and their capital cities. Bring out these snacks when you’re on a long road trip and see if your kids know the capital of the state you’re in. All of our products are delcious and Nut-Free. Snack-sized bags are great for lunch, after school, or a classroom party


Cosmos Creations Salted Caramel; Premium Puffed Corn

It’s a little sweet. It’s a little salty. It’s a lot fantastic. When caramel and sea salt come together to make all your taste buds come to life, you’ll think the stars have aligned. Oven-baked non-GMO corn with just the right amount of salted caramel. Pure, natural* ingredients combined to make a snack that’s deliciously addictive.


Emmy’s Dark Cocao Organic Coconut Cookie

Fantastically intense, melt-in-your-mouth, brain awakening Dark Cacao Coconut Cookies! Made from fair trade coconut powder and cold pressed coconut oil. Our signature sweet for the chocolate connoisseur.


Final Thoughts

Love with Food always knows how to deliver. I especially love this subscription because I’m an avid snacker (especially at work) and I love having snacks right at my disposal. I LOVE having a healthy, organic and non-GMO option for my snacks, and Love With Food is perfect for that purpose. The box always includes a wide variety of snacks, all healthy, and a portion from each box purchased helps feed the hungry. I love this box. A box filled with food is certainly to never disappoint, but I can’t get enough of the healthy and delicious treats that Love With Food always sends.


Click here to purchase yours today!

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