Nine of Water Energy Based Therapy

Nine of Water, located in London, ON, offers a unique Energy therapy service. It combines the benefits of several different healing modalities to provide peace, clarity & love.
The owner, Lisa, describes how she came about her business and what kinds of services she can offer:
In my life, learning the disciplines of Reiki, Meditation and other energy-based therapies, has been profoundly instrumental in facilitating my own healing and awakening. I have been practicing holistic therapies since 2002 and have developed my clairvoyance abilities.
I offer individual therapy sessions, group workshops, and practitioner training.
My approach is from a place of love, peace and innocence. I believe that when held in the fullness of compassion, we are able to release whatever does not serve us and uncover the seeds of our own inner garden; our subconscious mind. I am honoured to hold a space of peace and light for you to unfold, connect with your deepest hearts desires, and move forward with the answers that emerge from there.
I am humbled by the power of this work as I watch my clients meet their own capacity to heal, release pain, open their hearts. To step forward into the fullness of who they are now or who they are meant to be.
Lisa spoke to me about building my own individualized kit in order to help heal the specific troubles going on in my life. I had never tried anything like this before- my friend meditates with crystals and I had never understood how objects so small could possibly have so much healing power. I wouldn’t say I’m a skeptic- I’m very spiritually in tuned with myself but in other ways besides utilizing crystals and meditation. I spoke to Lisa about the stresses I have experienced lately and she sent me a kit exactly for helping to rid of the negative energy, called The Secret Garden.
The point of energy healing is to decide what you want your purpose and intentions to be, and channel those into the energy of the kit. There is no rule book for how you are supposed to channel the energy, where you should be, what you should be doing, etc. You control how you channel your own energy, but you want to make sure your mind is as clear as possible and you are completely mindful and in the moment.
This is what Energy Therapy is all about – helping you discover, release, and heal the conscious and unconscious patterns, beliefs, and traumas that keep you from experiencing the true fullness of who you really are. Not who you THINK you are or what your past experiences have lead you to believe about yourself, but who you actually are!

In the kit, came a triangular-shaped felt pouch containing the stones/crystals (I’m new and not really sure what the proper term is, for now I will just refer to them as crystals). The information card above explained what crystals they were, although I wasn’t sure how to match which crystal with which description. I still read what they were and how they can be applied to the healing process.


The Selenite Wands, meant to recognize and eliminate unwanted thoughts were neatly wrapped up, and there were 4 altogether. It is important to note they should not be placed in or near water.


The information card says to cleanse your space and create an ambience that makes the space genuinely YOURS and makes you feel completely comfortable. My sacred space comprised of three of my favourite items: tea, a candle and sage smudge spray. Since I don’t have sage (working on it) I spray my room with this every night in order to cleanse my space and help me sleep, so before setting up I released some of this around me. I drink tea 2-3 times a day so I made sure to steep my most calming herbal tea, and lastly I included a lovely woodsy candle which helps to calm and relax me. All 3 items were placed on the floor around me.


I took the rocks out in bunches, about 4-5 at a time and placed them around my space in the four corners of where I was sitting.


As you can see from the above picture, my space was in my room, on my floor, surrounded by my soothing and relaxing objects. I placed the Selenite Wands around me as well, in the middle of each of the crystal piles. This was meant to connect the crystals and maximize the energy in my sacred space.


Once I had everything laid out, I took out this little card that was tucked into the triangular pouch where the crystals were. As I relaxed and sat up straight, becoming completely mindful and asking all thoughts to leave my head, I understood and read the words on this paper. I pictured the goodness and the positive energy in my life, and suddenly I felt a change.


I don’t know what it was, it wasn’t a scary or intimidating feeling; but I described to Lisa that I felt elated. I felt like my body was almost buzzing, although it wasn’t actually. Even though I was taking my pictures, I didn’t have anything else on my mind. I wasn’t tempted to check social media or talk to anyone on my phone, I just wanted to record this experience. I felt positive, I felt like my soul had been cleansed of the negative energy that had occurred throughout the day. I felt sealed into the space surrounded by the crystals and the Selenite Wands; it felt like no one could disrupt this energy.

I went into this experience not really knowing anything about energy healing or crystals. I still don’t know much, but I came out with a new understanding of energy therapy. I did this on my own, in my room after a stressful day so I can’t even imagine what Lisa could do for me if I were to meet with her.


Whether you’re not sure if this will work for you or not, it’s worth it to go into the process with an open mind and be willing to be mindful. It’s so easy to take a few minutes out of your day and create your own space in order to heal. I can’t even explain it, but you feel your soul healing, you feel the energy of the crystals and you feel restored.

Click here to check out Lisa’s website, Nine of Water!

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