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Sunshine Body Essentials is a small business located in Missouri that makes made-to-order organic health and beauty products. Every single product is free of dyes, harsh chemicals and parabens. The shop contains items ranging from natural deodorant to eye creams to lotions, and are all made with love by Sunshine, who loves to make organic products for her busy family.

“When I make my products it brings calmness and peace of mind to me. I feel as though I can think. So for us to not only use organic body products I make but to make a switch in our way of eating, has changed our lives for the good. I love hearing how much my customers love their products. I love using nature to make such wonderful products to help our bodies get what they truly need.”


I can relate to Sunshine on many levels with the fact that making healthy products brings a sense of calmness and is able to ease my mind. I also love that her mission is to help others to love the skin they are in, healthy skin is so important; especially with the vast amount of chemicals and toxins that exist in store-bought beauty products. Sunshine wants to introduce people to a whole new world of healthy skincare products with her items.

The Products

Sunshine was kind enough to send me her homemade Green Tea Body Scrub and Organic Whitening Toothpaste with Activated Charcoal. I usually try products out for a few weeks before writing a review but I tried Sunshine’s products for 3-4 days and decided to report on the difference.

Green Tea Body Scrub: $18.67

This scrub is full of emollients. It moisturizers while leaving your skin silky smooth.
I love Green Tea and it is loaded with antioxidants and has antibacterial properties. This scrub is free of dyes, chemicals, or any parabens.
Grape seed oil, green tea, loose green tea, Castile soap, sugar, epsom salt, Dead Sea salt, vitamin e, essential oils, and other organic ingredients.

I found the mix of organic ingredients in this deliciously smelling scrub very interesting and also great choices. I also use vitamin E oil in just about all of my homemade skin products as it acts a preservative and is great for nourishing the skin. There is also a hint of peppermint in this scrub which I adore in my scrubs as it makes my skin feel and smell so fresh. The scrub came with a small scooper that was very convenient when digging it out (and also healthier as you shouldn’t use your own fingers in order to avoid bacteria getting into the scrub). The scrub felt very nice on my face and was slightly runny, so I used it in the shower the next couple of days which made my skin feel radiant after washing off. This also works great as a kind-of aftershave on legs, as it makes your skin really smooth and the combinations of green tea and peppermint are super nourishing.


Organic Whitening Toothpaste with Activated Charcoal: $10.67

Whitening toothpaste with Activated Charcoal. This stuff is amazing, cleans your teeth great and freshens your breath. This toothpaste will also whiten your teeth. Have your teeth become stained from coffee, tea, wine or berries? Activated charcoal helps whiten teeth while promoting good oral health by changing the pH balance in the mouth, helping prevent cavities, bad breath and gum disease. It works to whiten teeth by adsorbing plaque and microscopic tidbits that stain teeth. Made to order, so put your order in now. You will be so glad that you switched. Made with all organic ingredients, no dyes, chemicals, toxins, or fluoride. Below is some important information.

I was really excited to try this activated charcoal toothpaste, as I’ve never actually tried activated charcoal before and I’ve heard about the benefits for whitening teeth. I’ve actually found that toothpaste is one of the hardest products for me to switch to natural, as it’s just so easy to go to the store and purchase a .99 cent tube. Sunshine informs buyers that commercial toothpastes contain many toxic products such as Triclosan, Flouride and Surfactants. By using organic toothpaste, you are avoiding these nasty ingredients. This toothpaste doesn’t taste like regular toothpaste (that’s likely a good thing) and turns your teeth black while brushing like activated charcoal is supposed to do. I didn’t notice an initial difference in the whiteness of my teeth right away but after a few days I did notice a little less yellow and a little more white. I also like that this toothpaste still gets the job done by making your breath feel super fresh, and comes in a convenient jar so you can just dip your toothbrush in the jar and brush.


Final Thoughts

Sunshine is fabulous to work with and very accommodating to specific and individual needs. She asked me if I liked certain ingredients and wanted to make sure the experience of trying her products was as enjoyable as possible. Sunshine also makes a wide variety of homemade, organic products that are so useful and you won’t break the bank with using these products. Sunshine clearly knows what she’s talking about with the ingredients she uses in the products and the purpose of each product. I love how my skin felt and my teeth looked after a few days of application.

To check out more of Sunshine’s products, click here to visit her Etsy Shop!

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  1. I was just recently introduced to Sunshine’s products and have loved the experience! I plan on checking out more of her items. Your review affirms my opinion of Sunshine Body Essentials.

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