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I feel like I’ve written an abundance of articles lately on natural deodorant. I didn’t even know that natural deodorant was a thing until a few months ago. I dabbled into it for a while and then decided to fully make the switch, and I’m so glad that I did. It really is important to understand what you are putting onto your skin and into your body, and to evaluate what products you use on a daily basis that could be affecting your health and your skin. Deodorant is one of those staple products that you use (or should use) everyday. But what ingredients are in deodorant? What kinds of things are you exposing your skin to every single day?

To take a refresher, in my first article I had stated some key ingredients that appear in store bought deodorants;


Aluminum stops us from sweating and causes the cells on our sweat ducts to swell, therefore stopping perspiration from occurring. Aluminum has been linked to breast cancer due to changes in the estrogen receptors from the breast cells, which promote the growth of breast cancer cells.


Parabens are also found in many deodorants and easily penetrate the skin, therefore interfering with hormone production and function. Parabens are worse when absorbed through the skin because they enter the bloodstream and organs directly instead of being metabolized through digestion. They have been linked to breast cancer, as Parabens mimic the female sex hormone Estrogen.


Fragrance can be found in the vast majority of beauty and hygiene products that are used on a daily basis- which is unfortunate considering Fragrance is basically a band of chemicals. Phthalates, AKA another word for Fragrance, are chemicals that have been found to accumulate in the body and have been linked to hormone disruption, possible birth defects, infertility and some cancers.

These are among other ingredients that appear in deodorants but seem to the most frequent.

If you read studies on the link between breast cancer and deodorant application, many cite that the presence of aluminum in deodorant may have a link to breast cancer cell growth and development, but others state there is no relationship. Personally, I don’t understand how studies can confirm whether there is a clear link or not considering you can’t take people without cancer, make them use deodorant for a long period of time and then wait to see if they develop cancer; so it makes sense why studies say there is ‘no clear relationship; how would you even measure it!? If we know what ingredients exist in store-bought deodorant and we know what those ingredients do to our bodies and our skin, then why continue to use them?

I’ve mentioned a few awesome natural deodorants that I had the pleasure of trying out, but here is another one featured in two forms: deodorant sticks and roll-ons.


PUR-BK is an all-natural, handmade deodorant that not only neutralizes odor, it also soothes skin from irritation and razor bumps.  PUR-BK is free of harmful chemicals, parabens, and aluminum compounds. Its ingredients consist of many natural, healing components.


PUR-BK is an all-natural, chemical-free deodorant that neutralizes body odor for up to 48 hours. Locally-sourced, and lovingly crafted by hand in Brooklyn NYC, PUR-BK combines all natural ingredients with essential oils from leading NYC manufacturers. It dries with a smooth powder-like finish and will not stain your clothes. PUR-BK is safe and effective for men, women and children of all ages.


This deodorant actually stays on all days and doesn’t leave stains on your clothes. I did accidentally get some on my shirt after application one time but it easily came off just by brushing it off. The solid deodorant costs $15.00 for the large size, while the roll-on is $10.00.


The two scents I received were Endurance and Energy, which are composed of:

Endurance: Tobacco Flower, Sandalwood, Amber and Musk
Energy: Oakmoss

Final Thoughts

I am extremely comfortable paying a little more money for a natural deodorant with no bad ingredients, or added toxins and chemicals that will harm my skin while supporting a small business in the process. I have been using natural deodorant for about 4 months straight now (without looking back) and have noticed a huge difference in the texture of my skin under my armpit. Natural deodorant doesn’t tend to last as long as store-bought because it lacks the fragrance that is used, but with PUR-BK I have rarely had to re-apply throughout the day.

PUR-BK has free shipping in the USA and is wonderful at replying fast and efficient for your deodorant needs.

Check them out here!

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