Elle Box July 2017 Unboxing & Review [Coupon Code]

ElleBox is a fabulous subscription box that delivers ORGANIC pads and/or tampons right to your door on a monthly basis, which you can alter based on when your monthly gift arrives. You can also add chocolate, tea and 2 surprise gifts that are locally made, organic/natural products. I LOVE this concept because I always go through a hard time on my period, and having great comfort products helps make the process much easier.


I first heard of this company while I was researching pads and tampons to find out where I could find brands that didn’t contain bleach, dioxins and other chemicals. The average woman will wear a pad or tampon for about 75,000-80,000 hours in her lifetime, and its a scary thought to imagine the amount of harsh chemicals exposed to a woman’s reproductive organs in these extensive hours. I found that ElleBox actually carries organic pads and tampons that don’t contain bleach or harmful chemicals.

Ellebox’s mission is simple:

We are here to offer 100% transparency. Our pads and tampons are free of rayon, polyester, wood pulp and pesticides. Our products are made from certified organic cotton that is better for your health and the environment. We exist so you can have control over your body; no BS, no hidden ingredients. Be kind to your body, be kind to the planet, and have a conscious period.

The Box


ElleBox is your customized selection of pads and tampons and some other stuff that you definitely need. Choose your favourite ElleBox, pick your preferences and we’ll make sure it arrives every month, when you need it most. 

This is one of my favourite subscription boxes for a few reasons. First, you don’t know that the box is meant for feminine products because of the simple “Ellebox” logo on the box. Second, you can custom build your box and select which tampons/pads you want, whether you want a mix or only one kind. Third, you can choose when the box is delivered to you based on when you will be getting your period.

The Price

Necessities box- The necessities to make sure you’re all covered; organic tampons and/or pads.: $10.00

Comfort box- Your choice of organic tampons and/or pads, chocolate and tea, and also 2 self care gifts for you: $35.00


The Products

The box always comes with a product card (if you order the comfort box) with information regarding the products. I find that the product cards have greatly improved, and the one for this month was significantly different (and better) than last month’s. There is a clear marketing change as there is ‘Ellebox’ branded tissue paper and the box is smaller, which could be possibly be to reduce the use of cardboard for environmental purposes.


Love & Shea Menstrual Relief Bath Bombs: $8.03

Enjoy an organic moisturizing Calming Scent Aromatherapy bath. Natural Skin Care that is handmade and made to order. Our bath bomb hydrates your skin with our moisturizing Shea butter crème, it’s mixed right in.

This is clearly a staple to have in a period box considering it is a bath bomb made for menstrual relief. The company is based out of Toronto, ON which I LOVE (yay local!) and includes the finest ingredients and essential oils for cramp relief.


Tea Sparrow- Raspberry Green Tea Organic: $20.00/monthly

What is a period subscription box without tea? I always appreciate Tea Sparrow because of their cheap price for teas (see Tea Sparrow Subscription Box Review- December Box!) and the variety of 4 different loose leaf teas that come in their subscription boxes. I’m not sure if they offer the option to purchase individual loose leaf teas, but regardless I have never been disappointed with these teas. ElleBox always includes a full sized bag which will give you about 6-10 cups of tea depending on how much you put in your tea! I drink loose leaf tea every single day without missing a beat so it’s always great to add this tea to my growing collection. I also love the concept of including tea in a ‘time of the month’ box because of its soothing and relaxing qualities.


Canvas Candle Company- Sister, Sister: $14.00

Sister, Sister is a scent that will take you back to something familiar, that you can’t quite put your finger on. A natural blend of rum, lavender and berry musk will have you feeling relaxed, calm and cozy. This is a great scent for all the special ladies in your life (sisters included!). This sweet scent is the perfect balance of feminine and musky. Great for people who don’t enjoy strong scents.

Getting candles is my favouriteeee thing to receive in subscription boxes. Handmade candles are expensive (with good reason) and much better for your family to inhale than store-bought. I LOVE the scent of this candle- rum, lavender and berry musk!

Poplandia- Sea Salt Caramel: $1.50

Our take on the traditional caramel corn. A sweet buttery caramel with a hint of sea salt to bring out the best taste of only the best ingredients. This is one of our most popular because you can never go wrong with a classic. This is a great flavor to add into our tins. Sea Salt Caramel tastes great with other sweet popcorn and even savories!

Popcorn is always a nice treat! This sea salt caramel popcorn has a very butterscotch-creamy taste- delicious!


Urban Body Organics Hydrating Body Oil: $25.00

Let’s be honest, nowadays we could all use a little more balance in our lives. That’s why we’ve created a restorative blend of woodsy, herbal scents, which allows you to infuse some grounded energy into your day.

I recently started using body oil instead of moisturizers or lotions as the benefits of oils on your skin are amazing for anti-aging purposes and achieving softness. I used it after showering and before bed on my arms and legs and they smelled so good!


Final Thoughts


Elle Box has always been one of my favourite subscriptions for many reasons. It saves me the hassle of purchasing tampons and pads every month, I don’t have to worry about exposing my body to toxins because of the organic feminine products that ElleBox includes, and they include only natural, pure and/or organic products that truly pamper women during their time of the month. I love that the box always includes a candy or treat and tea, as this is great around your period, and they listened to suggestions to include a different kind of chocolate bar than the last couple of boxes.

I loved the variety this month and I like seeing Elle Box supporting small businesses across Canada- thanks for a great month Elle Box!

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