Food Trip To is a bi-monthly Canadian subscription box service that delivers boxes to subscribers to discover the food culture of a new destination every 2 months. They typically send 6-8 products from the country of choice, a playlist of songs from the destination, information on the cultural and entertainment of the destination, and a small surprise or souvenir from the country! Food Trip To… was founded in Montreal in 2015 by two friends who are avid gourmet adventurers. Their goal is to take as many homebodies as possible along on daring trips of discovery to find new cultures and flavours… from the comfort of home!Read More →

Buddhaful Skin Care is a company from Abbortsford, British Columbia that specializes in all natural, therapeutic skincare products with the mission to take clients on an all-natural journey! The company started when the owner and creator, Lavanda, was fed up with her acne-prone skin and wanted to opt for more natural products instead. Here is her story: After trying several expensive facial skin care products (with minimal or no success) to help with my oily acne prone skin, I decided to try natural oil products. With some apprehension, I purchased my first bottle of face serum from a local natural skin care business. I was pleasantly surprised withRead More →