June 2017 Date Mail Mystery Box Subscription Box Review

Date Mail is a monthly subscription service that delivers a full date night experience to your door step every month. It was started by a Canadian event coordinator who was trying to find ways to come up with unique date night experiences.

What’s Inside?


Here’s what you can count on:

~ New theme announced each month as a tease
~ Instructions and everything you need for your date
~ Dates for a fun night at home & some that will get you out of the house on an adventure
~ Always unique & effortless

Our Specialty: Delivering an EXPERIENCE.  We think ‘inside’ the box to ensure we live up to the promise of delivering you and your partner a memorable date night (or day!). 

Price Options:

Month-by-Month: $48.00

Not ready to jump into a serious relationship with us?  That’s ok, we can flirt a bit and mail you one box at a time until you’re sure you would like a longer term subscription!

The Oh My! Box: $65.00

Designed to be sex positive, these special dates are themed just as our other Date Mail boxes are and they will be available bi-monthly. And of course, if you are a same sex couple, we will cater to you, so please advise us after you have ordered so we can curate just the right box because everyone deserves the best behind closed doors!

Mystery Box: $38.00

What’s inside?  It’s called a Mystery Box for a reason, so no, we won’t tell you what to expect!  It’s guaranteed to be a great date night though, so take a chance and get yours today

Going Steady: (3 Months, $135.00)

Want to take a chance & hang out a little more often?  Let us send you 3 MONTHS worth of dates and as a thank you, we’ll include a Date-velope ($25.00 value), which is a mini-version of a date box.

Getting Steamy: (6 Month, $240.00)

We love you.  You love us.  The mail man (or lady) is your best friend by now, so ya, things are getting steamy by now!  We’re sending you 6 MONTHS worth of dates and you’re going to get all kinds of special surprises along the way including 2 free Date-velopes ($50.00 value).  Let’s have FUN!

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The Box

This box was kindly sent to me for review purposes. I was sent the mystery box which includes an assortment of mystery goodies!



The first reason I love this box is because of the organization, and how the subscriber is taken through some insightful information and colourful cards before getting to the products. You can really tell Date Mail put love and care into curating these boxes.


I actually love the idea of a mystery box because it incorporates so many different elements of a date night. It leaves a lot of room for variety in your special night!


These are a few of the card components that this box comes with! I love this idea, and these cute little notes can actually make a huge difference in your significant other’s day. The stationary component of this box allows you and your significant other to think about your relationship and what you really mean to each other.

St. John’s Bath Bomb Co: $6.00

Use to soak feet after a tiring long work day or just because! Peppermint essential oil is known for its cooling, calming and energizing properties which makes a great addition to products made for tired feet.

What a great idea! I love anything relaxing that can start the night off right. This foot soak will help you and your partner achieve a relaxing night, as well as cooled off and better smelling feet!


Summerland Sweets- Black and Raspberry Syrup: $4.49

I love homemade, local jams and syrups! My boyfriend does most of the cooking and food preparation so this will be fun to make some pancakes or sweet treats and add this delicious syrup!


Brainy Bee Creamed Honey with Cherry

Homemade in Kelowna, British Columbia, this delicious cherry infused honey is ideal for a yummy date night!


Herb Mint Spearmint: $1.99

What a GREAT idea! I think it’s awesome to get people, especially younger generations, into gardening and planting seeds. Green living is the best living! Mint is awesome too, considering it can be used in your date night alcoholic beverages or on delicious dishes!


Erotic Bag of Goodies

The following 4 items were separated in a smaller bag that I like to call the ‘erotic’ bag of goodies.

I LOVED this idea, especially in a mystery box. These items are also very tasteful and not obvious that they’re meant for erotic purposes.

Feather Teaser


Cinnamint Lip Balm


Wicked Aqua Candy Apple Flavoured Water Based Lubricant


Oil of Love Kamasutra Kissable Body Oil


Final Thoughts

What a great box! The last time I reviewed Date Mail, I was impressed by the concept but suggested that the box include more items and less information, and that’s exactly what this box accomplished! I loved the variety of useful products that can literally be utilized from morning to night, with the maple syrup to the seeds to the erotic items. This box fits anyone’s needs with its vast amount of options for a fun date night. Date Mail hasn’t been around for too long either and I feel they’ve already accomplished so much and really listened to what their audience wants for the products.

Great job Date Mail!

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  1. What a great idea! I hope you had fun on your special date night! I love that the box had a little bit of everything from the taste buds all the way to the erotic!

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