Love With Food June 2017 Unboxing & Review [Coupon Code]

Love With Food is hands down, my favourite food subscription box.

If you haven’t heard of Love With Food, it’s one of the most awesome food subscription boxes out there. Not only do you get completely natural, organic and gluten free snacks delivered right to your door, but you can get your membership for as low as $7.99. And did I mention these boxes are PACKED with food?

The Box



Love With Food is the easiest way to Snack Smart and Do Good.

We help you discover new organic, all-natural or gluten-free snacks delivered to your door monthly. Receive a box of mystery better-for-you snacks and go on a fun foodie adventure with us every month. Our membership starts as low as $7.99/month.

We donate a portion of the proceeds to help fight childhood hunger in the US and around the world. We donate to organizations like Feeding America and The Global Food Banking Network. Join us to help end childhood hunger one meal at a time.

I love many features about this box, but I feel awesome knowing that for every box I purchase, there is a portion of the proceeds donated to help fight childhood hunger.

Click here to discover new junk-free snacks every month and help fight childhood hunger!

Discount Codes

If you purchase a 6 month subscription with Love With Food (COMPLETELY worth it) you will not only get $10 off BUT you will also receive a FREE Bonus box worth $20!

Use code ‘SASS17’ at checkout to get this deal!

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The Products

As usual, each products description is NOT my own if it is in Italics. This is stated in my disclaimer.

Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps

Perfectly salted Original Pretzel Crisps give you that satisfying, hearty crunch in a versatile shape that’s dippable, spreadable, and deliciously snackable. With great gourmet taste from wholesome ingredients, it’s the perfect snack anytime!


Lance PB & J Toasty Crackers

Lance’s PB&J Toasty Cracker Sandwiches are made with real peanut butter and Welch’s grape jelly. They are naturally flavored and contain 4 grams of protein per package.

This was different! I’ve always loved cheese sandwiches in cracker form but PB & J is definitely something I haven’t heard of before.



Zouq Jubilee Mix- Spicy Wholesome Trail Mix

Zouq’s special spicy blend including rice flakes, peas, and lentils perfectly balanced into a vibrant snack. Celebrate!


Beanitos Baked White Bean Crunch- Mac and Cheese

Get more from your snacks than just great flavor. Beanitos sustains you with protein, fiber, and wholesome goodies like antioxidants.

These were delicious! Great to bring to work as a snack and tasted just like Cheetos- but are much healthier!


Flapjacked Protein Smoothie with Greek Yogurt

Classic vanilla bean flavor with a subtle tropical aroma of coconut makes FlapJacked’s Vanilla Bean Protein Smoothie a crowd-pleasing favorite. Made with real Greek Yogurt and fortified with a healthy dose of flax and probiotics, this power-packed instant breakfast drink won’t disappoint your taste buds or your body.

Yummmmm this was SO good! I love vanilla protein powder for my smoothies but the instructions on this smoothie said to combine with milk- which was even more delicious! Although I would normally use almond milk, I used 2% milk instead just to get the taste for this smoothie mix. In the future I would likely use almond milk though!


Iwon! Nutrition Protein Chips

High in protein. high in fiber. low in net carbs. these sriracha chips are hot, but also have the perfect amount of sweetness. a bit of caution: they’re addicting.

I didn’t like the cinnamon flavor of these protein chips but I love sriracha, so I’m thinking I may like this kind!


Divina Fig Spread

Fruity and sweet, this Mediterranean treat is perfect to pair with cheese – although it’s really delicious with anything.

I love getting spreads or toppings to try with different foods in this box! This fig spread looks healthy and delicious!


Duelmans StroopWafel Caramel 

We make the best stroopwafels (caramel waffles) in the world. For these, we use high-quality ingredients and prepare the caramel waffles with the greatest care. Our range of stroopwafels consists of various formats and butter qualities. As well as the classic caramel waffle, which is enriched with natural Bourbon vanilla, we make caramel waffles with caramel and honey filling as well as Speculoos caramel waffles. Various packaging is of course possible.

The claim that these are the best in the world is not false, these are DELICIOUS and delightfully chewy all at once. I was also so happy it came with two!


Mediterra Savory Bar with Bell Peppers and Green Olives

Did you know generations of Mediterraneans have enjoyed olives and bell peppers as snacks? We’ve taken the traditional staples into an even more delicious direction—a bar packed with the palate-pleasing textures of pea crisps, crunchy sunflower seeds, amaranth, and a touch of extra virgin olive oil, all finished with an oregano garnish.


Angel Mints

Angel Mints are a delightful piece of candy and we are often asked how this candy got it’s name. Time after time, the people would say “this candy tastes heavenly”, so the candy maker decided to name his creation, Angel Mints! 


Janis & Melanie Original Cheese Straws

This family favorite recipe was 100 years in the making and we’re excited to say it helped launch our company over 25 years ago. Our Original Cheese Straws are a traditional Southern delicacy combining a light crisp texture with just a hint of “hot”.

I loved these cheese straws not only for being different, but also because they had a hint of spice!


Minute Ready to Serve Brown Rice & Quinoa

Minute Ready to Serve Brown Rice & Quinoa combines two 100% whole grains for a unique blend of nutty-flavored goodness. The slight crunchiness of red quinoa perfectly complements the chewiness of brown rice for a product that is as colorful as it is versatile.

I love that Love with Food always includes some sort of healthy meal item! Brown Rice and Quinoa makes for a healthy dinner!


Final Thoughts

Love with Food always knows how to deliver. I especially love this subscription because I’m an avid snacker (especially at work) and I love having snacks right at my disposal. I LOVE having a healthy, organic and non-GMO option for my snacks, and Love With Food is perfect for that purpose. The box always includes a wide variety of snacks, all healthy, and a portion from each box purchased helps feed the hungry. I love this box. A box filled with food is certainly to never disappoint, but I can’t get enough of the healthy and delicious treats that Love With Food always sends.


Click here to purchase yours today!


If you purchase a 6 month subscription with Love With Food (COMPLETELY worth it) you will not only get $10 off BUT you will also receive a FREE Bonus box worth $20!

Use code ‘SASS17’ at checkout to get this deal!

Click here to get this deal before its too late!

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