Alakaban Tea Subscription Box- May 2017 Review

Alakaban Tea is a monthly subscription box located near Vancouver, British Columbia that delivers tea grown from Sri Lanka right to your door. They strive to encourage subscribers to make and use the tea creatively, in a DIY type-fashion.

We utilize our strong Sri Lankan connections and our North American location to bring high quality tea at lower costs to you.  As a world renown tea lovers’ destination, Sri Lanka has a tremendous amount to offer. With our strong connections to the former Ceylon, we have an understanding of tea and tea culture. With Alakaban’s strong roots in Sri Lanka, we wish to bring you the feel of fresh tea, the smell of its origin and a taste of high quality in every sip.

Tea from Sri Lanka never includes additional additives; it is always pure, fresh and simple.


The following pricing plans and images are from the Alakaban Tea website to give you a proper understanding of their monthly packages.

Taste-Tea Plan

The Taste-Tea Plan contains:

70 grams of one type of specially chosen tea. Every box also contains 2 nicely paired spices + a few surprises!

CA $19.99

Thirst-Tea Plan

The Thirst-Tea Plan contains:

150 grams of one type of specially chosen tea. Every box also contains 3 nicely paired spices + a few surprises!

CA $29.99

Novel-Tea Plan

The Novel-Tea Plan contains:

Two 150 gram bags of one type of specially chosen tea. Every box also contains 3 nicely paired spices + a few surprises!

CA $39.99

The Box

This box was kindly sent to livelaughblog for an honest review.



This is definitely a different tea subscription box than I am used to getting (the more of a difference, the better)! I love the company’s strong Sri Lankan background and understanding of the culture, including the fact that tea-time in Sri Lanka is togetherness-time; something we lack here. We live in such a busy world with technology overpowering everyday conversations and basic communication, so this precious tea-time could be the answer that we’re all looking for.

Tea Strainer & Bags

Considering Alakaban Tea encourages DIY tea-making, this included tea strainer is optional and isn’t necessarily how you have to make the tea. I usually steep my tea in a metal strainer so I was fascinated to see a cloth strainer. It’s the exact same idea except for a cloth strainer, it must be slightly longer so that the tea will properly infuse into the water.

The idea is to first fill the strainer with the included tea and then experiment with the spices that are also included. You wait about one minute for the tea to steep and VOILA! Your tea is ready! The box also included a wooden spoon to easily get the spices and tea into the strainer.


Tea- Dimbulla

Dimbula teas are characterized as ‘high-grown’; the regional definition specifies an elevation of between 1,100m and 1,600m (3,500-5,000ft.). Dimbula benefits from the cool, dry winds of the western ‘quality season’, a period that begins around the turn of the year and continues until March or early April. Dimbula estates yield their best teas during this season, when the air is crisp and cool by day while the nights are cold and windy.

Dimbulla is characterized as a special tea that encompasses a golden-orange hue in the tea cup and tastes refreshingly mellow. I agree with this- the tea I drank was not harsh at all and although caffeinated, it still tasted light and delicious.




Almonds can reduce the risk of heart attack, help build strong bones and teeth, lower bad cholesterol and nourish the nervous system, among its various others health benefits.



Cloves are a powerful antioxidant- they help protect cells against stress from free radical damage. They are also a great source of manganese, calcium and vitamin K among many other benefits.


Palmyra Jaggery

Palmyra Jaggery-is known in India as “sugar for diabetics”. It is one of the very rare plant-based sources of vitamin B12 in the world, low GI and is exceptionally rich in B Vitamins, iron, potassium, magnesium and other essential minerals vital for maintaining good health and vitality.


Final Thoughts

I had no idea what to expect with Alakaban Tea but I am very pleasantly surprised with the high quality products within this box and the way the company strives to be different. I love that the tea comes from Sri Lanka and I love the different spices that can be combined in which ever way the subscriber prefers. I made a few cups and tried all 3 spices together- which tasted sweet, spicy and very calming/soothing to sip on. I had fun creating my own tea blend and using the infuser in my tea- it was much more fun than using my regular metal infuser. I also really love the fact that the box comes with different spices and Sri Lankan teas every month, with additional surprises to make your tea-making experience a simple and fun one!

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