The Nooky Box May 2017 Unboxing & Review

The Nooky Box is a quarterly subscription box (every 3 months) that includes a variety of toys, lubes and surprises and is curated by a specific theme to keep your Nooky fresh and fun.



The Nooky Box is meant to spread the message that sex is natural and healthy, and shouldn’t be such a burden to talk about or to discuss openly. I definitely agree with this and regardless of whether you have sex or not, I view sex as a healthy lifestyle and a topic that shouldn’t have such a taboo attached to it. I grew up in a home that did not view sex as such- I was always afraid to ask questions or to talk about sex because it was frowned upon. I grew up with an unhealthy perception of sex until I got in a healthy relationship myself and learned that sex is a part of life and should be dealt with as such.

Meg Ross, the creator of the Nooky Box, believed in the same thing:

I started the Nooky Box because I want to let people enjoy their bodies and their desires openly, happily, and with pride. I want to bring exciting and liberating sexual experiences to people of all sizes, shapes, orientations, gender identities, etc. 

I want to make sex a fun, positive, and exciting experience for everybody. And I want us all to take back our bodies and our desires and have real conversations about who we are and what we like. 

I hope you enjoy our specially curated boxes and that you continue to give us feedback so that we can help you continue to explore.

The Box

The Nooky Box is $79 every 3 months, with a value of over $109! The theme for this quarter is ‘Sex is Healthy.’ This box was kindly sent to livelaughblog for an honest review. This will be a PG review, so don’t worry about reading things that you really didn’t want to know about my personal life!


The Products

The Nooky Box is a subscription box that contains a specialty toy, erotic story, lube, specially curated erotic playlist and other surprises for couples and individuals. It’s not just a box with stuff though. We provide an ongoing, fun and safe sexual experience and items are selected by our sexual experts based on a theme each quarter.

I like that right off the bat, there are product cards explaining the products in the box, a thank you card, a button and a sticker, and a short erotic story to get you going and into the products included!



Boudoir Butter

An organic alternative to toxic lubricants- great for use especially in sensitive areas!


The box also includes some organic samples including lubricants, and wipes for after you finish doing the deed.


Pandora’s Pops x2- NookyBerry

Delicious and nutritious. These Nooky Berry Lollipops by Pandora’s Pops are activated with aphrodisiac herbs and essential oils.

The box included 2 of these Nooky Berry lollipops- delicious and great for setting the mood!


Almost Naked- Personal Lubricant Organic Lube

Nooky Box favourite. Almost Naked by Good Clean Love is water-based, made with aloe vera and infused with a touch of lemon and vanilla.

I love that this lubricant is organic- this really brings out the ‘sex is HEALTHY’ theme of the box by providing healthy accessories for getting the act done!


Emojibator- Eggplant Emoji Vibrator

Masturbation has never been so fun. The Eggplant Vibrator by Emojibator provides 10 settings for pure pleasure and arousal.

This vibrator also came with a case to keep things clean and sanitary!


PerfectFit Ribbed Ring

Durable and comfortable. The ribbed cock ring by Perfect Fit gives stronger long-lasting erections and explosive orgasms


bswish BFIT Classic- Love Balls

Make Kegel Exercise fun. The Classic Ben Wa style exercise balls let you strengthen your pleasure in comfort and style.


Final Thoughts

This was my first time reviewing a sex-themed subscription box but I had fun unboxing the contents and discovering what was included. Although sex is an iffy topic with many people, The Nooky Box delivers a fun and informative way to learn about how couples (or singles) can explore their sexuality. Sex IS healthy and as an advocate for healthy living, it’s an important topic to be educated on and learn about. This box also has an INCREDIBLE value for what you are paying. I have never seen so many different products included in one box and for such a great price! You can explore so many different avenues with this box while remaining healthy, and getting your sugar intake as well! I LOVE that Nooky Box wants people to feel sexy about themselves- self confidence is such a hard thing to achieve and Nooky Box strives for an all-inclusive society where everyone can equally enjoy sex and feel good about themselves!

Click here to check out The Nooky Box!

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