Food Trip To..Argentina! May 2017 Unboxing & Review

Food Trip To is a bi-monthly Canadian subscription box service that delivers boxes to subscribers to discover the food culture of a new destination every 2 months. They typically send 6-8 products from the country of choice, a playlist of songs from the destination, information on the cultural and entertainment of the destination, and a small surprise or souvenir from the country!

Food Trip To… was founded in Montreal in 2015 by two friends who are avid gourmet adventurers. Their goal is to take as many homebodies as possible along on daring trips of discovery to find new cultures and flavours… from the comfort of home!


Right away, I think this is a really neat idea and something so different! Experiencing other cultures is fantastic but not everyone has the means to travel and actually see different countries, so Food Trip To brings you the unique experience of tasting the food and learning about the cultures of places around the world.

Plans & Pricing

The following plans are from the Food Trip To… website:


No commitment. You receive your first bow few days after your purchase and then every 2 months. You decide when you want to stop.
Taking every 2 months ¦ No commitment of duration
Take advantage of a 5% discount – the box for $37,90 + tx


The real nice present you want to offer!
Order or offer our next 3 boxes! Receive the first box in the next few days and then the 2 following in 2 and 4 months.
Enjoy 8% of discount which gives you a box at 36,63$ + tx


Here is your present!
Subscribe to our most advantageous offer. Miss none of our destinations. Receive your first box in a few days, and our following 5 countries every 2 months during 1 year.
Wow!!! Take advantage of 25% discount with this offer 12 months. Your box for just for $29,90 instead of $39,90 ($59,40 of total discount).

Food Trip To… Argentina!

This box was kindly sent to livelaughblog for an honest review.




Along with this card showing what each of the items are in the box, came other nicely laminated cards with facts about Argentina and a fun trivia card.



Viva Argentina Salsa Chimichurri

Chimichurri sauce is a versatil and healthy sauce tipical from Argentina and South America. With natural flavors and no conservatives and no colorants, Chimichurri sauce will bring and extra flavor to your food in order to make it exotique.


San Ignacio Dulce de Leche

Produced in Sauce Viejo, Santa Fe, this Dulce de Leche is a favourite among many and delicious whether used as an ingredient in desserts or eaten right with a spoon!


Emeth Dulce de Batata

This delicacy is dough of a sweet potato. It feels all squishy inside and can be used on toast as a snack.


Don Satur Furdado

A popular Argentina brand that produces desserts, these crackers are best enjoyed with Yerba Mate!


Hierbas Serranas Yerba Mate

Yerba Mate is the famous drink of Argentina! Ideally made with vodka as an alcoholic beverage, this can also be boiled and drank as tea alone.


Harina de Garbanzo- Chick Pea Flour

Chick pea flour is a non-wheat flour that can be used for many of your baking and cooking needs!


Aji Molido Spices

A blend of chili spices that can be used in many dinner dishes!


Souvenir- Mate & Bombilla

Food Trip To.. brought us back a souvenir from Argentina and it appears to be what Yerba Mate is brewed in!



Imate Tonis- The Cocktail

This seems to be Argentina’s famous drink, which is made with the Yerba Mate and combined with limes and vodka. You are supposed to steep the Yerba Mate in hot water first, let cool and then add the rest of the ingredients. YUM!



This luscious appetizer uses the box’s chick pea flour (non-wheat flour) which is a healthier option and also a specialty in Argentina. You can also add some of the Aji Molida for an extra spicy dish!


Asado A La Parilla

For the main course, is a collection of different meats that are braised and marinated in the famous Chimichurri sauce combine with other luscious spicy ingredients such as garlic, onions, coriander and other great herbs and spices!


PS here’s a late night snack I made with the Chimichurri sauce which was light but delicious!


Alfajores Y Mate

I am soooo excited to make this dish! I, of course, tried the Dulce de leche with a spoon first which is the creamiest, milkiest spoonful of caramel. This recipe does look slightly challenging but I’m always up for a challenge-especially when it involves Dulce de leche!


Final Thoughts

How impressive is this box??? I have never seen a subscription box that is so informative and includes full-sized, high quality products. Food Trip To puts genuine care into each box by travelling to each country and getting to know the culture, style and of course the food before curating a box. The products are all genuine dishes of the country of choice and truly encompass the culture that Food Trip To brings to each subscriber through this box. The fun part is, that you can do whatever you want with the ingredients! I love that the box comes with recipes to guide you, so you can choose to follow them or you can make your own dishes. On the contrary, not everyone likes to go out and have to buy the food themselves to make with the ingredients but I’m on the opposite side of that, I think this is a fun and innovative way to get cooking and learn about a different culture!

Click here to visit Food Trip To..


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  1. Very well presented,now I have made my choice whether to buy this box or not.

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