Love With Food is hands down, my favourite food subscription box. If you haven’t heard of Love With Food, it’s one of the most awesome food subscription boxes out there. Not only do you get completely natural, organic and gluten free snacks delivered right to your door, but you can get your membership for as low as $7.99. And did I mention these boxes are PACKED with food? The Box Love With Food is the easiest way to Snack Smart and Do Good. We help you discover new organic, all-natural or gluten-free snacks delivered to your door monthly. Receive a box of mystery better-for-you snacksRead More →

Green Envy Cosmetics Green Envy Cosmetics is a small single-owned company located in Vancouver, British Columbia, specializing in handcrafted skincare, beauty and cosmetic products. One of a kind, all natural products for body, mind and spirit handmade with love, light and good vibes. Green Envy cosmetics are handcrafted in beautiful Vancouver, BC Canada.  The owner is a makeup artist and skincare specialist who worked in the cosmetic industry for a long time before starting Green Envy Cosmetics. She uses pure essential oils in her products for their healing properties and for the fresh scent. The products are cruelty free, made in small batches and available for purchaseRead More →

Urban Drawer is a sock and accessories company inspired by the qualities of city life.  For those who enjoy fun and sophisticated additions to their everyday style.  We bring fun yet modern designs to life using quality materials. This is a subscription box I definitely have yet to review- socks! I’ve seen underwear, clothing and even lingerie subscriptions but socks is one of those ideas for a subscription service that just makes sense. I don’t know about you, but I’m either constantly losing socks, or finding holes in my cheap dollar store socks because I’m too lazy and too frugal to go out and spendRead More →

Studies over the past century have been up and down in regards to whether chemicals found in bug sprays are harmful to health or not. Many studies indicate that the most highly used chemical found in bug sprays, DEET, can have profound effects on the central nervous system and can have an effect an minimizing brain cells, especially if used with other chemicals that function to repel insects. As is usually the case, if you search the internet looking for something you will almost always find out, so who’s to say that DEET and all other chemicals in bug repellent really are THAT bad for you? EspeciallyRead More →

Pristine Thirteen is a lovely Canadian health and beauty Etsy shop from Alberta, specializing in completely handmade products such as bath products, aftershave, aromatherapy products, wax melts, candles, lip balms, hair products and even more! The company was officially registered in 2012, however it wasn’t until 2013 that recipes and ideas really started to flow. Pristine Thirteen has been featured on the news 4 separate times with their products also appearing in subscription boxes. The company has also received stellar reviews on their Etsy Page, with 410 five star reviews! What is the mission of Pristine Thirteen? Top quality, Natural products that everyone can afford.Read More →

You are about to witness an invention that is probably one of the most simple, yet most genius ideas I have laid my eyes on in a while. I’ve actually wondered how no one has thought of this sooner! You know when you go on vacation and you’re packing the essentials, then you get to your toothbrush and you ask yourself what the least disgusting way is to pack it amidst all of your other essentials? You might have one of those plastic toothbrush carriers, so you stuff your toothbrush in that or you might just toss your toothbrush in your bag and leave it atRead More →

It’s that time of the month again! It feels like it was only a few days ago that I was writing up last month’s faves post, and now we’re a couple of days into May! April was another awesome month for great product discoveries, subscription boxes, and tons of food! Here are my faves that made the list: Subscription Box Yogi Surprise Why? The April Yogi Surprise box comes in as my favourite subscription box this month because of the useful items they continue to include in their boxes! I have already used the Toesox and the hand towel at least over 20 times each,Read More →

Summer is coming up (very slowly, but surely) and that means camping and cottage season are among us! As exciting as this is, this means the bug bites, allergies, dryness and skin conditions are also among us, and are we prepared? I asked myself that very question when I started to consider my annual summer shopping trip. Last year, it consisted of trips to major department stores to buy the same products with ingredients that I couldn’t pronounce, but this year it was a little different. After I made the conversion to natural products, I started to think of everything that needed to be replaced withRead More →