Mettrum Originals Healthy Kits- Review

The words ‘healthy kit’ excite me so much. I faithfully stick to many skincare and health products in my day-to-day activities but I am ALWAYS open to trying new things, especially since livelaughblog is largely a product review blog.

Being from Ontario, Canada; it always makes me happy to support local businesses that make plant-based foods and beauty products. I posted earlier on my Instagram page about how I had watched the documentary Food Inc yesterday which really broadens your horizons and opens your eyes about the meat packing industry, as well as the general food industry. It’s really hard to convert your entire life to eating products that never touch a processing plant or any sort of chemicals, but I like to say that I at least try.

One of these companies that strive to provide the best quality nutritious food to consumers is Mettrum Originals, a company based out of Ontario that grows their food in 3 specialized locations across the province. They are also the first hemp food brand in Canada.

Mettrum Originals

Here is some background from Mettrum Originals taken from the ‘Our Story’ section on their website:



As the first hemp food brand in Canada, we introduced the baking industry to hemp seed flour, formulated the world’s first Omega 3 salad dressings, and invented a patent-pending system to help address concerns like third-world hunger, pollution, unpredictable fuel costs, nutrition and climate change. 

Our initial study of industrial hemp began in the year 1993, when our founding members worked alongside Health Canada to carve out the regulations which would lead to the legalization of hemp cultivation in Canada.

Following the lift in prohibition, we grew our first, history-making hemp harvest on Canadian soil. As a result, we received a research grant which allowed us to define the best possible methods by which to extract high quality oils from hemp seeds. The technology which we developed is now an industry standard, and we continue to take a unique approach to each and every harvest – carefully selecting plant species and varieties to yield crops which provide both food and oil from every harvest in order to ensure that nothing goes to waste.


I don’t have much knowledge on hemp seeds so I’m very excited to be learning about hemp and testing out these products! Interestingly enough, hemp is a member of the cannabis plant species but is grown for industrial purposes, thus it does not have the same effect as marijuana on our bodies.

Hemp is extremely beneficial for supplying all of the essential amino acids, fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6, vitamins, fibre and minerals that are vital to our health. You can achieve your daily nutritional requirements by adding hemp products to your diet because of all of the benefits it contains!

Mettrum Originals hemp products are non-GMO, produced using certified organic standards, and are not irradiated.


I’m so excited to dive into these products after going through Mettrum Original’s website and reading about the health benefits of hemp, as well as the high standards to which products are grown! I also love the variety of food and beauty products on their website, they have a product for just about anything!

These products were kindly given to me for an honest review.

Hemp Burst Plant Based Protein- Vanilla Flavoured Raw Hemp

This pure, single source vegetable protein and fibre has an abundance of amino acids essential to optimum health and performance. Boasting 65% edistin (the highest ranked protein in the plant kingdom) and 35% albumin, this powder also contains 10% Omega 3, 6 and GLA beneficial fats. we mill this product at very low temperatures to ensure raw freshness and an ultra-fine powder.

I tried this protein powder this morning after my yoga class. I mixed a scoop with almond milk, fresh strawberries and raspberries, hemp seeds and fibre powder (which I probably didn’t need after reading about the benefits of hemp). I LOVE that this protein powder is dairy free, lactose-free, and can be conveniently mixed with smoothies, added to recipes or simply combined with milk or water. It is also delicious- it has a strong vanilla taste and made my yoga practice feel worth-while! The large bag (908 g) is priced at $39.99 and the small bag (454 g) is priced at $21.99. This is actually an AMAZING price considering I have owned protein powder in the past that retails for approximately $80.00 or more.


Raw Shelled Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds are an excellent source of essential fatty acids, including Omega 3, Omega 6, and GLA. Sprinkle Mettrum Originals™ Hemp Buds™ on just about anything, or eat them on their own for a quick and healthy snack!

I added these hemp seeds to my smoothie earlier today and I also tried some as a snack, they have a very light taste and when combined in a smoothie, I barely tasted them at all. They provide you many of the essential nutrients that humans need to intake daily for survival, and they can be added to just about anything for daily enjoyment. I’m so happy that I got to try these out! I also love that you can choose your size- the largest bag is $30.99 and the smallest is $2.99!


Mmedibles Hemp Muffin Mix

Mettrum Originals™ Mmedibles mixes provide healthy consumption alternatives for patients who choose medical cannabis for their health. These simple-to-prepare baking mixes are specially formulated for use with medical cannabis, or amazing on their own!
This muffin mix is a great idea for a healthy alternative to baking (and avoiding the yucky cake mixes from grocery store shelves) and is very simple- you just add an egg, water and oil of your choice! I know a lot of people who use medical cannabis for healing purposes and since you can freely add this ingredient to this muffin mix, that also gives this item points in my books. This mix is made very simple with rolled oats, organic sugar, hemp flour, sunflower flour, brown rice flour, baking powder, sea salt, cinnamon and nutmeg; and only costs $8.99!


Hemp Break: Hemp & Quinoa, Hemp & Salba Chia

These awesome snack bars are all natural, gluten-free, high in Vitamin A, C, D, E and are dairy and peanut free. Each bar comes with 3 thinner bars that are great to snack on during the day. To me they taste like honey and oats, yumm! You are also eating literally the healthiest snack on the planet and can feel good substituting this with ‘bad’ snacks. They cost $1.69 per bar.

Hemp Lip Balm: Peppermint Vanilla & Natural

These homemade lip balms contain hemp oil and beeswax among other natural ingredients and work so you don’t have to keep reapplying throughout the day. It’s a true instant cure for dry lips and provides moisture all day- the peppermint vanilla lip balm also smells so yummy! These cost $3.39 each!


Final Thoughts

Mettrum Originals has me verryyyyy impressed. I never thought to consider hemp as a healthy and natural staple to fit into my everyday life, so I’m so happy I was introduced to Mettrum Originals. I love supporting a local company with high quality standards and fantastic tasting products. The love and care that went into making these products, as well as the extremely well done website which is so easy to navigate had me going through it for hours. I was so impressed with the company’s extensive research and knowledge of hemp, and their goal to grow locally and put great effort into being and growing the best.

Click here to visit Mettrum Originals




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