Dollar Tea Club $1 Sample May 2017

Dollar Tea Club is a ‘Tea of the Month’ club where you can have premium loose leaf tea shipped right to your door every month for a low cost. The tea is ethically sourced through direct trade and there are over 30 flavours from 5 countries that are delivered.
I am an AVID tea drinker. I drink tea at least 2-3 times a day, sometimes more. I am obsessed with the different flavours, the types of teas, and especially the benefits that come from tea. I also can’t emphasize enough how much more beneficial it is to grab a freshly-brewed, loose leaf cup of tea before starting your day instead of a coffee. But more on that later..
If you’re curious why loose leaf tea is your better option, check out my article on the benefits, here.

The Club

The below images and descriptions are from the Dollar Tea Club website, as I thought they would best explain the different pricing plans.

 Explorer: $1 /month + $3 S&H

· Sample 3 blends every month
· 5 paper tea filters for easy brewing
· Makes 8-12 cups
· Pause, Change, or Cancel anytime

The Sommelier: $12/ month (ships free)

· Receive up to four 50g pouches monthly
· 3 mini samples with every box
· Paper tea filters for easy brewing
· Free Spoon & Infuser with first box
· Add/Remove pouches monthly
· Pause, Change, or Cancel anytime

 The Sensei: $12/ month (ships free)

·  Create your monthly subscription
· Choose up to four 50g pouches
·  Receive 3 new samples every month
· Paper filters with every order
· Free Spoon & Infuser with first box
·  Pause, Change, or Cancel anytime

The Tea

I received the Explorer to try out. The kit came with 3 samples of different teas and 5 paper filters which aid in brewing loose leaf tea.

Ease n’ Fit
Apple, white tea, sea buckthorn berries, beetroot, orange, melissa, natural flavouring, strawberry slices, marigold petals

I brewed this tea a few days ago before work and I although I don’t usually like fruity teas, you can really taste the variety of fruits. The taste isn’t intense (considering it’s also an herbal tea) and it goes down very smooth, especially in the morning!

Earl Grey
Black Tea and Natural Flavouring

Earl Grey tea is definitely a staple in a tea lover’s collection. Earl Grey is a simple black tea that definitely is a bit harsher than herbal teas, and caffeinated. I drink all of my tea black, but some might say earl grey tea should have sugar/cream/milk added to it. Everyone has a different preference!

Vanilla Caramel Swirl
Rooibos, caramel pieces, hazelnut brittle, vanilla pieces, natural flavouring, marigold flowers

Yuuuuum! This is the kind of tea I would want to drink on a chilly night in, under a blanket watching a movie! I love Rooibos tea as it doesn’t contain caffeine and it helps in relieving stress and anxiety.

Final Thoughts

I think this tea subscription is a GREAT idea. For those on a budget who don’t want to pay the standard higher price for loose leaf tea, paying $4.00/ month for great loose leaf tea samples or even $12/month for full-sized tea bags is a steal. There are so many great options, you can opt for the surprise subscription or if you’re a picky tea drinker, you can customize your own subscription. This also allows people to try new teas that they wouldn’t be able to purchase in a grocery store.

I love the variety of flavours and the different kinds of teas provided. The quality was great, and the price is seriously a steal.

Click here to check out Dollar Tea Club!

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