Urban Drawer Subscription Review

Urban Drawer is a sock and accessories company inspired by the qualities of city life.  For those who enjoy fun and sophisticated additions to their everyday style.  We bring fun yet modern designs to life using quality materials.


This is a subscription box I definitely have yet to review- socks! I’ve seen underwear, clothing and even lingerie subscriptions but socks is one of those ideas for a subscription service that just makes sense.

I don’t know about you, but I’m either constantly losing socks, or finding holes in my cheap dollar store socks because I’m too lazy and too frugal to go out and spend the money on a good pair of socks. Urban Drawer takes care of that for you- you don’t have to leave your house and you get a quality pair of socks sent to your door every month for as cheap as $12.00 a month with FREE shipping!

Why I love Urban Drawer

First off, the socks are hand designed in Edmonton, Alberta. They can be worn in a number of settings, whether its to your fancy office job or to hang out around the house. They are also quality, thick socks that definitely won’t have holes teared up in them any time soon. The socks are thin enough so they will fit comfortably in any shoe, and thick enough to keep those toes warm year round!

There are many options available on the Urban Drawer website to customize your socks, you can get socks for him, for her, for little ones, and you can also opt to add earrings to your order!

Lastly, for every sock purchased, a portion of the proceeds goes towards giving socks to people in need in local communities. You know how much I love supporting local businesses, so not only are you giving socks to those in need but you’re also supporting a small business!

The Socks

You choose the length of subscription and our stylists will hand-pick monthly favorites from our Collection for Her.  You may even receive limited edition  designs. 

Each subscription includes free shipping, enter SOCKPACK at checkout.




I feel like these socks were designed specifically for Spring and I love it! I love the deep green colour, which reminds me of the grass getting much greener now that the rain has hopefully stopped. The line patterns are classy enough to wear to work but also cute for just lounging around the house.


I am wearing the socks right now and they fit my feet perfect- they are comfortable, just the right amount of thickness, and I can feel my feet breathing! I also love that I didn’t have to leave my house at all and stand in front of a wall of socks for an hour deciding on the right pair- Urban Drawer did it for me!

Final Thoughts

I LOVE that by buying these socks, you are supporting the local community and helping to support a small business. These are comfy, quality and hand-designed socks that arrive every month so that you don’t even have to think twice about going out to get new socks.

Click here to visit Urban Drawer.com!


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