April 2017 Faves

It’s that time of the month again! It feels like it was only a few days ago that I was writing up last month’s faves post, and now we’re a couple of days into May! April was another awesome month for great product discoveries, subscription boxes, and tons of food!

Here are my faves that made the list:

Subscription Box

Yogi Surprise

Why? The April Yogi Surprise box comes in as my favourite subscription box this month because of the useful items they continue to include in their boxes! I have already used the Toesox and the hand towel at least over 20 times each, bringing them to every yoga practice I attend. I use the ‘From Molly With Love’ White Sage spray on the regular, especially as an all natural perfume.

Click here for a full review of the box and a discount code!


Skincare Product

Lilac & Olive Soaperie All Natural Deodorant

Why: Not an easy choice but I really, really, REALLY, love this natural deodorant by Lilac & Olive Soaperie from NYC. I’ve talked about deodorant quite extensively on my blog and the benefits of switching to all-natural. I especially love this deodorant because it goes on very smooth and simple, and it smells amazing.

Click here to read about why you should make the switch to all natural deodorant


Beauty Product

Gypsy Ellie Bracelet

Why: I’m not a jewelry girl at all so I was reluctant about receiving a bracelet at first in my Calla Life Box, but I have actually been wearing this bracelet almost everyday since I got it. I love that you can put essential oils in the black beads- I probably look crazy walking around everyday and catching a sniff of my bracelet but it’s such a great smell! I also love that the owner of Gypsy Ellie has the intention of bringing positive vibes to everyone’s lives through wearing this bracelet. It also makes a really cute fashion accessory!

Click here to check out my full review of the Calla Life Box (where I got this bracelet) here



Intermiel Miel Honey- Wild Flowers

Why: This natural honey was sooo gooooooood, I left one for my mom and one for my boyfriend (just trying to be generous) and when I came back a week later, both were almost gone (whoops!). I love that this honey tastes like the scent of flowers and it goes great on/in anything- its also non pasteurized!

I received this in my April Little Life Box- click here to check it out!



REALHER Lip Kit in Deep Nude

Why: I purchased a Kylie lip kit about a year ago and as much as it was FAB, it was also ridiculously expensive for us Canadian gals. Being a VIP member of FFF, I was able to select my shade for this lip kit (reds DO NOT suit me) and I was so happy that it came complete with a lip pencil, gloss and lipstick. Plus, who doesn’t love seeing a positive message every time they apply lip gloss!

Check out my full review of the Spring Fab Fit Fun here


Homemade Item


Why: I efffing love Sealuxe. Why, you ask? Well, they make from scratch pretty much every single one of my favourite items ever (candles, soap, masks, face cleanser) and they are amazing! The soap fully cleared up my boyfriend’s back acne, and the candles are so enriched with natural scent, they are honestly the only candles that I can still smell while in the next room. The best part is that the products are clean, healthy and homemade in Canada! I love supporting small businesses!

Click here to check out my full review on Sealuxe





I love doing these lists because I love looking back on my month and reminding myself of the awesome products and subscription boxes I received in April. I feel like the boxes are just getting better and better each month, I can`t wait to see what May brings!!


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