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Summer is coming up (very slowly, but surely) and that means camping and cottage season are among us! As exciting as this is, this means the bug bites, allergies, dryness and skin conditions are also among us, and are we prepared?

I asked myself that very question when I started to consider my annual summer shopping trip. Last year, it consisted of trips to major department stores to buy the same products with ingredients that I couldn’t pronounce, but this year it was a little different. After I made the conversion to natural products, I started to think of everything that needed to be replaced with better ingredients. When I was doing my summer shopping list, relief for bug bites came to mind.

Instead of going to the local store and buying something that probably contains tons of toxins and ingredients that we really shouldn’t be putting on our skin, I spoke to a Canadian small business that makes all natural, plant-based bite balm with a huge variety of functions.

Red Eagle Medicine

This shop based out of Edmonton, Alberta delivers completely hand-made products from a unique artist, working to support herself and her child. Each and every single product is hand made with time, love and care and she is always looking for new things to make, including customizable orders.

Her products come from the plants and herbs that are local in Alberta and she carefully creates these products-which have all received great review. Check out her store here!

Itchawa Bite Balm: $10.00

Itchawa Bite Balm is good for any mosquito bites bug bites, rashes, itchy skin from excema. It is a green salve made from Plants that grow locally: Yarrow Comfrey & Plantain and it has Organic Beeswax. It is handmade in small batches- and comes in a 2 oz tin container. It has even helped hemmoriods and cradle cap for babies. It is a good salve to have for families- kids, babies and moms. All natural no chemicals used here and it works well to heal the skin and rejuvenate. Handmade with Good intention by Red Eagle Medicine


This Bite Balm heals just about everything. It is made with local organic and handpicked comfrey, plantain and yarrow. Although it has many uses, notably it is great for eczema bites, irritations, bug bites, dry scalps, and even hemorrhoids.

Based on my research of the plants included in this bite balm, comfrey is an important herb used in organic gardening that is used in many herbal medicines. It can be applied to the skin to accelerate the healing of tissue and the closing of wounds, which makes perfect sense as to why it would be used in a bite balm.

Plantain is an edible and medicinal plant, very rich in vitamin B1 and riboflavin. Being used as a panacea (medicinal for everything) in some cultures, it actually translates to the name ‘life medicine’ as it has been used and can be used to heal many ailments.

Yarrow can be applied to the skin for pains, cramps and to stop bleeding. It can also be used to prevent bloating, gas and other gastrointestinal complaints.


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Can you see why this product is AMAZING for all summer ailments- and it only costs you a mere $10.00! Supporting a local, small business and buying a product with ingredients you know and can pronounce will be the best decision you’ve made, and its not even summer yet! Plus you know that you’re giving your money to a deserving, hard worker that can offer completely handmade products that will do you so much good!

Here is a testimony of the bite balm from July 29, 2016 below:

Awesome salve! I love it for everything; bug bites, rashes, etc.. It shipped quickly too! Awesome stuff thank you so much!”


To check out this bite balm and the other amazing products from Red Eagle Medicine, click the link below!

Red Eagle Medicine

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