Amoda Tea- April 2017 Unboxing & Review

Amoda Tea is a monthly tea subscription service that I have not yet tried before, but I just had to after seeing some reviews online! I looooove everything about tea; the soothing nature, the herbal remedy, the pick-me-up in the morning. I drink loose leaf tea on the regular (read my article on loose leaf tea here) so it just made sense to discover a loose leaf tea subscription box!

Amoda Tea


Amoda is a health and wellness driven brand connecting you to the power of plants – tea, matcha and superfoods, to help you be the happiest, healthiest, tea-lovin’ version of you. We use ancient principles to create organic teas and matcha blends for modern tastes and lifestyles and we curate the tastiest teas into a monthly box for leisurely sipping. Amoda means Joy, Peace & Serenity. We hope our selections will help you #liveAmoda.

You have the option to either purchase loose leaf tea, matcha, or iced teas on their own, or you can subscribe to the monthly tea subscription which includes:

  • 4 premium teas (3-5 cups of each)
  • Biodegradable tea filters
  • Tasting notes for each tea
  • Exclusive deals for subscribers
  • Steeping guidelines on the labels
  • Free shipping in the online shop

You can purchase either The Original Monthly Tea Box or The Low Caff which includes all low-caffeine or caffeine-free teas.

The box only includes teas with organic and premium ingredients, with no fillers or artificial flavouring.

The Tea




I received the Original Monthly April Box which included 4 randomly selected, premium teas.

Perfectly Pear

The flavours of bai mu dan white tea and Asian pear are so complementary. Asian pears are so refreshing, crisp and sweer that they go well with the warm florals and slight earthiness or the white tea. They also don’t overpower the delicate nature of white tea.


Strawberry Shortcake

When our team tried this, it was instant ‘mmmm’s’ and ‘this tastes just like strawberry shortcake!’ What more can we say? This is a blend of the cousins rooibos and honeybush, giving similar benefits but different flavours to the blend.


Spring Blossom Baozhong

Note the label for this one should list jasmine flowers and calendula too! This is a beautiful oolong with long twisted leaves that sleep into a bouquet of florals. A sweet, smooth cup with notes of vanilla and jasmine blossom.


Madagascar Dream

An all-natural hot cocoa inspired tea with refreshing hints of mint and luxurious vanilla. We use fair-trade organic cacao shells from Madagascar and Peru to create this creamy delicious black tea blend.


Final Thoughts


The tea is very well crafted and well picked out, with a great variety. I like that you get a mix of caffeine and caffeine-free teas, as well as a mix of the types of teas and flavours. The descriptions of the teas are great and very helpful, and the labels give a lot of information like steeping information, ingredients, what kind of tea it is, and how many times you can re-steep the tea. The box also includes some tea filters and you have options for add-ons (a tea spoon or additional filters).

Score: 9/10

This box is very well put-together and very good quality. For $20.00/month, you are getting a great deal and a great assortment of tea. The only thing I would change is the quantity of the tea, I have received other subscriptions with larger amounts for the same price and these bags are relatively small. However, you can re-steep some of the tea and it really is fabulous quality.

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