Calla Life Box- April Unboxing & Review [Coupon Code]

Calla Life Box is hands down one of my favourite subscription boxes. I feel like the products keep getting better and better every month; I have never received a box and thought “I don’t like the products”. The great thing about Calla Life Box is that you will never receive products that you could walk to the local grocery store or mall and purchase. The company only includes products from local Canadian businesses, and a portion of every single box purchased goes to a deserving charity. You also get only natural, organic, and healthy products that are meant to promote an overall healthy wellbeing and lifestyle for women.

Calla Life Box


Here is the owner’s description of the box taken from the website:

“Thank you for visiting the CallaLife Box! My mission is to provide you with an array of useful products to make your month a little more beautiful. Whether it’s a bag of calming tea, some eye serum to rid yourself of tired eyes, a small fitness device to get you working on your health goals or a super cute soap dish so you have something pretty to look at while washing your hands, you won’t get bored of the CallaLife Box. The items will be quite different from month to month so you’ll always have some nice gifts to look forward to. I’ve partnered with many small local businesses around Canada who make each product to order with lots of TLC! Plus, who doesn’t love supporting local businesses!? You can be rest assured that I do my best to search out gifts that I feel confident using and that they do not contain many or any harmful chemicals. We also work closely with a deserving charity and a portion of each sale will go to help them!”   

The Box


The box comes in a plain brown box with the ‘Calla Life’ sticker on the front. As I’ve said before, I appreciate companies that don’t send overdone boxes. If you understand the purpose of this business and how the owner wants to support businesses and donate to charity, then it’s easy to understand why she wouldn’t include an extravagant box.

The Price

Calla Life Box costs $38.00/month plus $10.00 shipping for Canadian residents. There are also 3 or 6 month plans in order to save a couple of bucks on your box. Here is a link to buy a prepaid 3 or 6 month subscription.

Discount Codes

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LIVELAUGHBOX for 10% off your first box

LIVELAUGH for a free gift with a 3 or 6 month subscription

The Products

Gypsy Ellie Bracelet: $35.00

Let this opal, rose quartz and tree agate. Guide you in your path to peace. Its made out of Rose Quartz, Quartz and Tree Agate.

I’m pretty sure this bracelet is the ‘For the Love of Nature’ bracelet from Gypsy Ellie. The bracelet is completely handmade with the intention of spreading love and peace everywhere you go, with the owner finding complete peace in making the jewlry itself. The bracelet is very pretty and definitely brings good vibes to my day. I do think it is a little pricey at $35.00 for a bracelet, but they are handmade, great quality, and are an awesome fashion accessory!


Superior Soapnuts: $5.00/100g

Soapnuts are ready to use with no chemical processing!   Straight off the tree they can be used for laundry, replacing both your laundry soap AND fabric softener.  They can also be boiled to make an all purpose natural liquid cleaner. This liquid can then be used for household cleaning or for a body wash and shampoo. Soapnuts are great for anyone with chemical allergies or sensitive skin

This is a wicked idea! I always expect some awesome completely natural/homemade products in the Calla Life Box but I wasn’t expecting these amazing soap nuts which are a natural detergent or liquid cleaner. Especially if you’re like me and trying to rid the chemicals out of your lifestyle, this is a great product to start using.


Natura Soylights- 100% Pure Soy Wax Tealights: $9.00

Unlike metal tealight molds, which retain heat and end up being to hot to touch. Ours are made in a clear,plastic cup, allowing the candle light to show through and cool enough to touch!. Enjoy an entire evening with a Soy Tealight. Long lasting, each burns for over 6 hours! Each 6 -pack comes in a box made from recycled paper content with a small window to inspire your senses! These boxes make gift giving easy. Also available in larger quantities for the serious tealight lover! Quantity: 6 Please recycle!

I will always be in love with receiving candles in subscription boxes- I am obsessed with candles and burn them on the regular but it has been harder to find soy-based candles and easier to stop at the grocery store and buy a candle made with random chemicals. These are fabulous for evenings spent inside and are made with plant-based ingredients.


Hair Slinky by La Vita Glam: $6.00-8.00

The BEST hair tie ever in our large Classic Collection. Looks great as hair accessory or bracelet! No dents, no tangels, no slip grip, waterproof, hypoallergenic, made from medical grade TPU plastic.

To be honest, I was a little reluctant when I saw we were getting hair ties BUT these happen to be no ordinary hair ties. I didn’t think that a slinky would make a better hair tie but it actually does wonders for a basic ponytail. I’m wearing it in my hair right now and my ponytail hasn’t fallen at all or remotely come out of place. After enduring a long walk in the wind, my hair hasn’t moved an inch!


Simple is Essential Lemongrass : $6.99

Lemongrass Essential Oil is extracted by steam distillation of the leaves of Cymbopogon flexuosus .

How awesome it is to get an essential oil in a subscription box, especially since I have been wanting to try them for a long time! I’m very new to the essential oil world and have been dipping my feet in the pond but haven’t jumped in all the way yet- this bottle is a great way to teach me some basics about essential oils!


Final Thoughts


This month, the value of the box rang in around $64.00 and had a pretty fantastic variety of handmade, natural and useful items. I can see myself utilizing every product we received and I’m especially happy that we got an essential oil so I can begin the EO education!

Score: 9/10

This was another generally great box from Calla Life with products coming from different small Canadian businesses. The only insight I can offer is to keep including great, useful, healthy products in the boxes. Keep up the good work, Calla Life Box!

Click here to purchase your Calla Life Box today and use code LIVELAUGHBOX for 10% off!

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