Mellisa B Naturally Anti-Aging Products Review

Being a beauty product reviewer is a fantastic thing to be, there are always new and exciting products to try and my collection is BEAMING- it’s to a point where I have to plan my skincare routine ahead of time each night!

I have increasingly been interested in holistic health and researching what kinds of ingredients are going into my skin from the products I use on a daily basis. One of my goals is to try as many ‘natural’ skincare companies as possible and see which one not necessarily has the ‘best’ product, but which one has the most natural product that is best for the skin.

Mellisa B Naturally

Mellisa B Naturally is grounded in decades of experience in healthy living and natural skin care. Our founders have a long and diverse history in the wellness and beauty industries. So when it came time to develop their own line of skin care, it’s only natural they sought out the best: the best chemists; the best ingredients – in order to create the best formulas.


I discovered Mellisa B Naturally, a skincare company based out of Medford, New Jersey. The founders are a couple with years of experience in health, wellness, nutrition and skincare and both had went through their trials and tribulations to get to where they are today. After two years of testing and development, the first line of anti-aging skincare was released in 2016 and received much praise and excellence for the quality.

In my quest to try out homemade formulations and support small businesses at the same time, this seemed like a perfect fit.

Mellisa B Naturally also formulates products without parabens, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate, petrolatum, mineral oil, or other bad stuff.

The company kindly send me two products for review purposes.

Microdermabrasion Scrub- $24.00

Purely Invigorating – With ingredients that naturally polish and purify the skin, our Microdermabrasion Scrub will leave your skin feeling and looking refreshed. Be glowing… Naturally.



Before using this scrub, I cleansed my skin first with a very light and gentle cleanser (and removed all make-up) so that I could witness the true effects of the scrub. I usually have a much more complex skincare routine but to truly test out the products, I only used the cleanser first and then the scrub and moisturizer after. (PS Don’t mind my grotesque nail polish above)

This scrub is meant to draw impurities from the skin while hydrating and polishing at the same time. In order words, you should have glowing skin after using this scrub. Key ingredients include Ecuadorian Ivory Palm Seed Powder, Binchotan White Charcoal Powder and Hyaluronic Acid.

This was my first time using this product, I have used other anti-aging skincare lines before but none that came with a charcoal scrub. I love charcoal for what it can do for the skin- it basically draws out toxins and impurities from your skin (and hair as well) and cleansers/detoxifies on amazing levels. Mellisa had went back to school to study formulations of skincare ingredients and clearly she knew what she was doing when she made a charcoal scrub.

The scrub is very light and does not dry up like many scrubs do. It doesn’t hurt to rub all over your face. It doesn’t smell good, but that’s what you want! I purposely search for fragrance free skincare products due to the high volume of added chemicals and toxins in fragrances.

My skin was very soft after use and felt clean. I have abnormally large pores, and of course after one use I wouldn’t expect my pores to be smaller but they certainly were clean. While I was scrubbing, I noticed that the white and blackheads from my pores were oozing out (gross, I know); but this is a good thing!

Premium Moisturizing Cream with Argireline & Progeline: $42.00

Purely Moisturizing – Our Signature Series Premium Moisturizing Cream quenches your skin with rich, natural emollients, and powerful peptides to nourish and beautify your skin. Be radiant… Naturally.




This moisturizer not only softens and soothes the skin but also combats aging. Formulated with Argireline and Progeline (anti-aging), DMAE (helping keep the skin firm) and potent peptides, this moisturizer is meant to keep your keep as soft and young as possible. It is meant to be spread all over the face, neck, chest and even behind the ears for true anti-aging and moisture.

I have used anti-aging night creams before and what I liked about this one is that it again, did not have a fragrance. I applied this before bed and after using the scrub, and I applied it everywhere as directed. After one use, I did notice a difference after waking up this morning. My skin was definitely smoother, tighter and full of hydration. Instead of being greasy and sweaty, my skin was locked in with smoothness and moisture, and this lasted throughout the day (although I did apply some daytime serum but regardless, I noticed a difference).

Final Thoughts

Obviously this is some top-notch, well formulated skincare that was thoughtfully put together and tested by an educated healthcare professional. Each ingredient has a purpose (which is visible after use) and the products have many purposes in supporting younger looking skin while also keeping the skin hydrated.

Compared to market prices, the pricing is fair, especially if you look at what other anti-aging lines cost.

Everything down to price, quality, results and the care that went into formulating and creating the products is all top-notch. Huge kudos to Mellisa B Naturally for these superb skincare products!


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