Let’s Talk Natural: Deodorant Testing Pt. 2

I’ve reallllly been jumping on this whole natural/organic product thing lately. Making the switch to only ‘natural products’ is hard because for one, you don’t know if what you’re getting is really 100% natural or if it only contains natural properties, and it’s also much more convenient to buy cheap products at the grocery store and call it a day.

I never even knew that there was a whole world full of these natural products right outside my door until about a year ago. I didn’t really care about what I put on my skin and I never stopped to think twice about what kind of ingredients and chemicals were being absorbed into my bloodstream. I made the decision that while I wanted to educate myself on the best products to use, I would also learn about the best kinds of foods to consume and how to incorporate healthy food and hygiene products into one big healthy lifestyle. More on the food aspect later.. but lately my project has been deodorant.

I was amazed to find out that many store-bought deodorants contains ingredients such as aluminum, parabens, fragrance, silica and talc. Many of these ingredients have been linked to breast cancer as deodorant is applied closest to the breast tissue, thus the chemicals are absorbed at this point. For a more comprehensive outlook on some of these ingredients, check out my first article on natural deodorant. This is not to establish a causal relationship between store-bought brands of deodorant and cancer but it is to say there looks to be some sort of correlation that can’t yet be completely confirmed.

So what now? You’ve realized that store-bought deodorant (most of it anyways) isn’t great for you and you want to make sure you and your family are using the best products out there. Lucky for you, I tested two pretty great brands of ‘all-natural’ deodorant!

My first testimonial of natural deodorant was roughly two weeks before this one with a company called I Luv It.


You can check out my review here.

As for the second natural deodorant I tested, I received it from a company called Lilac & Olive Soaperie located in New York. This is a great little online boutique for tons of homemade products including soaps, lip balms, lotions, body scrubs.. the list goes on! The owner, Valerie, has been making soaps since January of 2011 and has since evolved her hobby into a full blown business (a successful business I might add). Here is a small excerpt from her home page:

I use the highest quality, food grade butters and oils, often organic. I use a mix of both high-quality, phthalate-free fragrance oils, and pure plant essential oils. I like fun & bright mica colorants, as well as the more subdued hues of natural colorants such as clay. I like working with botanicals – loofah, dried calendula, rose petals, and Nettle Leaf, lovely stuff.  My hand-made soap varieties range between 95-100% natural.


I specifically wanted to try Valerie’s natural deodorant for two reasons. First, the reviews for this product are BOOMING on her site, with 281 people giving 5-stars! Second, I had only tried one natural deodorant before and I wanted to compare this to something else.

All-Natural, Vegan Lavender & Tea Tree Deodorant Paste: $11.08

This deodorant comes in the scent ‘lavender and tea tree’ and comes in a 57g container. This was kindly sent to me for review purposes.




PS I blurred out the address on the container below, it didn’t come like that of course!



Natural deodorants contain no aluminum. Although the vegetable and clay powders will help to absorb moisture, it will not clog your pores to prevent sweat. Sweat doesn’t bother me. I understand that it’s a perfect cooling and detoxifying system. That being said, I work closely with people, and prefer to smell nice 🙂

Extra-virgin, organic coconut oil possesses amazing antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, and is an effective deodorant all on it’s own. Chamomile flower powder soothes, while the essential oils inhibit bacteria growth.
Zinc oxide is a naturally occurring mineral, used in diaper ointments, soothing skin salves, and natural sun-block. Combining these ingredients creates a deodorant that is more effective, and easier to use than plain coconut oil. A drop of vegan candelilla wax prevents separation.

Right away I can see that this deodorant is very similar in ingredients to the I Luv It natural deodorant and close in cost (a difference of $1.08).

What I noticed

The first thing I noticed was the extremely fresh smell, mostly the powerful scent of lavender. The deodorant is SOO easy to apply, it’s not hard to dig out with fingers and almost comes in the form of a lotion so you can easily dip your fingers in the tub and apply.

It is very light and glides on super smooth. I noticed that throughout the day, I was sweating a lot more than usual but my armpits smelled deeeeelightful. This even lasted while at the gym!17806784_10158418566785655_1890431883_n.jpg

Score: 9.5/10

This deodorant smells amazing, goes on the skin smooth and light, and is made by a reputable company that promises to only use organic and natural ingredients. There is an explanation as to why each ingredient is used, and the owner has demonstrated a clear love for combining essential oils and making products by hand to contribute to an overall healthy lifestyle and wellbeing.

In comparison to the first deodorant I tried, I found this glided on my armpits much easier and faster. Not to say the first wasn’t good, but Lilac & Olive Soaperie had the easier deodorant to apply, although it came with less quantity than I Luv It.

Why does this matter?

Why do I do reviews of natural products such as deodorant, and why should you care about what’s in your hygiene products?

As consumers, we overlook much of what goes into our products that we use literally every single day. The way I look at it, is by thinking of how my grandparents lived their lives. Sure, chemicals and toxins existed back then but was produce sprayed with pesticides the same way it was today? Were products purchased at the general store formulated with the vast amount of parabens and chemicals they are today in order to increase shelf life? Companies are money hungry and want their products to last as long as possible, therefore filling them with cheap ingredients. We as consumers MUST become educated on what ingredients we are purchasing when we buy these products and how they are bad for us to consume or put on our skin. Something so small as making the switch from generic to store-bought deodorant could, potentially, reduce your changes of getting breast cancer. It’s important to understand where we are getting our products from and what is being put into them.


Lilac and Olive Soaperie ONLY makes their products with highest quality, food grade butters and oils, often organic. They are a fantastic start to make the switch from chemicals to natural!



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  1. I’ve been obsessed with the idea of natural deodorant! I read an article that said deodorant could actually be linked to breast cancer because your sweat glands are absorbing harmful chemicals through deodorant, entering right into your boobs.
    Ever since I’ve read that, I’ve been wanting to check out natural deodorant, but I’ve heard it’s super tough to find a good one. Love your review and I’m going to check some of these out!

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