Ellebox is one of the best ideas for a subscription box because it delivers ORGANIC pads and/or tampons right to your door on a monthly basis, which you can alter based on when your monthly gift arrives. You can also add chocolate, tea and 2 surprise gifts that are usually locally made, organic/natural products. I LOVE this concept because I always go through a hard time on my period, and having great comfort products helps make the process much easier. I first heard of this company while I was researching pads and tampons to find out where I could find brands that didn’t contain bleach, dioxins and otherRead More →

Calla Life Box is hands down one of my favourite subscription boxes. I feel like the products keep getting better and better every month; I have never received a box and thought “I don’t like the products”. The great thing about Calla Life Box is that you will never receive products that you could walk to the local grocery store or mall and purchase. The company only includes products from local Canadian businesses, and a portion of every single box purchased goes to a deserving charity. You also get only natural, organic, and healthy products that are meant to promote an overall healthy wellbeing and lifestyle for women. Calla Life Box HereRead More →

When Southern Ontario sees the biggest snow storm of the year, I stay in and bring out all of the beauty essentials, and pamper the hell out of myself. Why? Because it’s well deserved, and that goes for anyone. Taking that time, whether its an hour, a few hours, or even 30 minutes to satisfy your skincare routine and to make you feel that much calmer is ALWAYS worth it.   Here are my beauty essentials: Body Essentials It doesn’t take a lot of products to achieve the soft skin you’ve been vying after. My body cleansing routine is quite simple, given it changes dependingRead More →

Love With Food is hands down, my favourite food subscription box. If you haven’t heard of Love With Food, it’s one of the most awesome food subscription boxes out there. Not only do you get completely natural, organic and gluten free snacks delivered right to your door, but you can get your membership for as low as $7.99. And did I mention these boxes are PACKED with food? The Box Love With Food is the easiest way to Snack Smart and Do Good. We help you discover new organic, all-natural or gluten-free snacks delivered to your door monthly. Receive a box of mystery better-for-you snacksRead More →

Luxe Box is a beauty subscription box that delivers a quarterly box (every 3 months) filled with 7-8 trial sized beauty and lifestyle items. At Luxe Box, our mission is to help consumers better discover, try and purchase quality beauty and lifestyle products through a unique experience. In a short period of time, Luxe Box has grown to be the leading beauty membership service in the country with members in every province (and territory) across Canada. The Box Luxe Box Members receive a seasonal Luxe Box with 7 to 8 trial-sized beauty and lifestyle items specifically selected by our Beauty Editors and enjoy complimentary shippingRead More →

Wax melts are all the rage right now. I bought a Scentsy warmer last year and although I thoroughly enjoyed it for a while, I didn’t end up buying more because I kept hearing different claims about what is emitted into the air from the wax melts. Although it is not clear what exact fragrance oils are used, Scentsy uses artificial fragrance oils AKA we have no idea what is being put into our wax melts. I have slowly started to replace most of my skincare/body care items with all natural, organic items and I started to think about other daily household items that mayRead More →

Little Life Box is a monthly subscription box service that includes up to a dozen new healthy items every month: 8-12 healthy products to discover every month Mix of snacks, beauty items, supplements and more Mix of samples and full size items For a limited time, Little Life Box is offering 50% off your first box (this is HUGE)! Click here and enter the code SWEETDEAL at checkout! The Price Monthly Boxes: $23.00/ month with options for a 3 or 6 month subscription Gift Boxes: $28.00 (includes 10-12 of the most popular healthy items) The Box It’s always a surprise! You’ll receive 8-12 healthy items (snacks, skincare, vitaminsRead More →

I loooooove time of the month boxes and I feel like they just keep getting better and better. It’s not only a perfect way to make 50% of the world’s population feel better about mother nature calling, but also a way to try out tons of different new products to make women all over the world have an easier time of the month! Rose War Panty Power RWPP box is women’s MUST HAVE subscription box which contains 12 Organic Pads-Tampons-liners, 2 Undies, 3~6 Lifestyle Samples&Gifts, and Unique Sweets. Already, I love this box based on the description because of the wide variety of items itRead More →

If you haven’t heard of Shills Purifying Peel-off Mask by now, it’s pretty much the most popular peel-off mask of the decade. I first saw this pop up around the end of 2016 on Instagram and Facebook sponsored ads, with thousands of comments asking where to purchase them, if they really work, etc. At first, I was reluctant to purchase the mask as I had no idea where it originated from, or if it was really worth the money. Would this mask really do what it’s supposed to do (AKA remove all of your blackheads and acne). Clearly, anyone interested in beauty products went nuts-Read More →

If you love supporting small businesses, if you love natural beauty products that don’t contain added chemicals and harsh ingredients, and if you want to achieve the nicest skin and hair for the cheapest price, you must check out MelaBath! The Company I have a special liking for MelaBath because the company is located so closely to where I live, and I love finding local places I can support that happen to be in the same city! I first heard about the company when I was searching for local businesses on Instagram and I came across MelaBath. I’m crazy about all natural skincare and beauty products so IRead More →