March Subscription Unboxing & Review! is a monthly candy experience delivered to your door. I am a serious candy lover, which may be hard to believe considering I mostly blog about healthy products and living the most healthy lifestyle possible. While those are my values and I believe in them, what would life be like if we couldn’t treat ourselves? Especially to delicious, freshly packed bags of candy that are conveniently delivered to your door?


The Price

Cost: $27.95 (6 month subscription)

$28.95 (3 month subscription)

$29.95 monthly or every 2nd month

Shipping: $6.95

The Box

Each month we’ll send you a carefully chosen selection of unique candies. Each box will contain three or more pounds of candy and 6-7 flavours and types of candy. We include sweet, sour, spicy and everything in between! started in September 2016 out of Winnipeg, Manitoba.  The company’s mission is to put a smile on each and every one of their customer’s faces and to get people excited about receiving this subscription box. This box was kindly sent to me for review purposes.




The Products

You know how some subscription boxes include too much information about the products, while others don’t include enough? This box nailed it with the exact information I needed to know about what was in the box and some valuable information about the company.


These information cards were well written, designed fantastically, and very informative. I LOVE that they included nutrition information (not that candy is nutritious but at least you know what you’re putting into your body). and a description of each of the candies.

efrutti Blue Raspberry Bottles

These awesome Blue Raspberry Gummies are imported from Germany. The bottle shaped soft chewy candies offer a tasty raspberry fruit flavour


Wiley Wallaby Gourmet Red Licorice

Wiley Wallaby Australian style licorice is thick, delicious chunks of gourmet Licorice made in the traditional ways like in the land down under. It’s soft, chewy and full of rich flavor. Yummy!


Foley’s Midnight Mints

Made in Vancouver by Foley’s Candies. A delicious combination of mint and chocolate flavours. A great companion with your favourite beverage.


Albanese Apple Rings

Pucker Up! These Albanese Gummi Apple Rings offer a perfect combination of sweet and tart! Lightly sanded with sugar, you’ll find it hard to eat just one of these deliciously chewy rings.


Neon Sour Worms

These wiggly, chewy treats are a mouthful of fun! Each Sour Mini Neon Worm is dusted with a sour coating giving it a tart bite. Flavours include raspberry, lemon, orange, cherry and green apple.


Wonka Runts

Willy Wonka’s ‘scrumdiddlyumptious’ candy from the Willa Wonka factory. Yummy hard candy fruit nuggets in five fabulous flavours, including banana, orange, strawberry, apple and grape.


Vanilla Caramels

Nothing is more classic than Vanilla Caramels. Made in Canada, these individually wrapped caramels have a warm vanilla taste and soft, chewy texture that you will love.


Final Thoughts

This subscription box is probably one of my favourites, ever. The candy is SO fresh and you get such good quantities in each bag. You know when you buy candy from the store and half the bag is filled with air? That’s not the case at all here, the candy is filled to the top! The flavours are intensely good, you will never taste anything dull! If you are eating something sour, sweet or spicy; each taste profile is exaggerated in your mouth due to the freshness of the candy.

Score: 10/10

I can’t find a single thing that I would change or do differently with this subscription box. The price is good for what you get, the candy is extremely fresh and delicious, and you can tell the company puts a lot of thought into picking out where they get the candy from. The information sheets in the box give perfect information on everything you need or want to know about the candy. The variety is almost too good- you get chocolate, sweet, sour, chewy, hard, soft- the list is endless. I am SO impressed by this box!

Click here to check out and get your box today!


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