Style by Kenlee: Monthly Fashion Fix Subscription Box

Style by Kenlee is a newer subscription box started by two sister-in-laws with a passion for fashion!

Style by Kenlee


From accessories, to clothes, to shoes, Kendall and I (Kylie) loved discovering trendy styles, from new, vintage, bohemian, and classic. With a background in marketing and our love for fashion, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to start a business together!

I thoroughly enjoy unboxing subscription boxes that are curated by local businesses and truly come from the heart. You can almost feel how passionate others are about their products and businesses through subscription boxes.

They started the box for three reasons (taken from the website):

I.   Excitement  

We want every month to be something you look forward to.  Something that makes you giddy when you go to the post office or look in your mailbox, and we want to be the reason for your excitement!!

II.  Convenience  

Some of us (especially moms like Kendall and I) don’t have time to go shopping for ourselves, unless it’s for emergency milk runs; this is where we want to help you out!  Every month, we automatically ship trendy accessories to you, without you having to plan a week ahead to go shopping!

III.  A Breath of Air for your Budget

One of our main goals is to make your life easier, and that means financially, as well.  We priced our boxes with you in mind; affordability is key!

Price Options:

Style by Kenlee’s Monthly Accessory Fix:

Month-to-month: $19.99

6 month prepaid: $100.00

In our custom-made packaging, you will be getting three pieces of trendy accessories; a necklace, bracelet/wrap and earrings!


Style by Kenlee Lite:

Month-to-month: $9.99

3 month prepaid: $29.97

6 month prepaid: $49.99

Get a Trendy Necklace sent to your door for $9.99 a month with FREE shipping! From Vintage, Archaic, Boho Chic to Classic, we want to send you jewelry that will get those eyes staring! With our fashion and styling tips on our Style by Kenlee blog, we won’t leave you high and dry and wondering how to pair your new piece!


The Box

I was kindly sent the Archaic Treasure Box monthly accessory fix box for review purposes. It comes in a cute small turquoise box!

I also love how the products were wrapped in paper that had an old fashioned exterior- very nice touch!


The Products

Black Leather Choker Necklace with Aztec Pendant

LOVE this pendant! I never know what kind of choker to get or how it will go with my outfits but this looks good with so many different styles!



Silver Vintage Jibetan Cuff

I’ve always wanted a cuff like this, but I’m too damn lazy to leave my house and go searching for one. Hence the convenience of this subscription- it was so great having this arrive at my doorstep and not have to worry about finding it myself!


Vintage Boho 3-coin Bangle Earrings

I don’t wear a lot of earrings despite having my ears pierced, I guess it’s just not really my thing but I do think these earrings are super cute and go with the cuff/necklace really well. I wear earrings to events or to formal gatherings, so I will definitely keep these in mind.


Final Thoughts:


This box is a REALLY cute idea for the jewelry lover in your life (unless that’s you!). Whether you have a loved one who can’t get enough jewelry, or you want to gift yourself cute, fashionable accessories each month; this is the subscription for you. I love the accessories box because you are getting 3 different pieces of jewelry every month that can go with sooooo many outfits. It’s also a great way to surprise yourself every month with new accessories, and the best part is, you don’t even have to leave your house!

Score: 8.5/10

I really do think this is a great idea, especially for people who are busy and don’t have time to shop for accessories. I also think the price is fantastic considering most necklaces alone cost $20.00 or more, and you are getting 3 beautiful accessories for that price. I also really liked the card that comes with the box, telling you what kind of jewelry you are getting.

What would I like to see: I wouldn’t change anything about this subscription, but I might add some sort of beauty profile so people can customize what kind of jewelry they prefer getting/ what their style is.

Click here to purchase your subscription today!

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