Yogi Surprise March Unboxing, Review & Coupon Code


Yogi Surprise is a monthly subscription box that: delivers 6-8 full-size products to you designed to complement your active lifestyle of vitality and growth. The products will range from handcrafted yoga accessories and natural beauty items to herbal tonics, organic snacks, and super food essentials.

The intention is to create a box that allows you to fill your spirit with goodies designed to stimulate your body, mind and soul.

Not everyone can take off on a relaxing vacation at any time, so the point of the box is to make you feel like you’re on a yoga retreat or relaxing on a beach somewhere.


  • Being a member provides awesome perks, the first one being that one lucky Yogi Surprise member will win a retreat vacation once a month, just by getting a box, snapping a pic on social media, and hashtagging #yogisurprise

  • Once you’re a member, you are given a unique referral link and you can share it with friends to qualify for a free box! If you get 3 friends to join, you get a free box!


Lifestyle Box: $44.95 / month, comes with 6-8 full-size yoga lifestyle items and has over $70 worth of value

Jewelry Box: $24.99 / month, contains 2 handmade pieces + 1 organic treat with over $65 value

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Yogi Surprise Lifestyle Box

The Products


Jivana Body Butter

A blend of vegan butters and oils whipped at just the right temperature to create the perfect texture.  Despite its density, it melts into your skin like, well… butter.   And smells like a citrus-mint heaven.

This was one of the spoilers this month so I knew this was coming in the subscription box. This body butter is made with organic ingredients including cocoa butter, almond oil and essential oils. I like the concept of body butter because instead of individualizing creams that are just for the hands, feet, face, etc., this butter can be used on the whole body. Retailed at $21.00.


Moon Valley Organics Muscle Rub

Our herbal muscle rub uses cayenne and arnica to deeply penetrate into sore muscles and joints to stimulate circulation and relieve minor aches and pains. Massage into over-taxed muscles, sprains, strains, arthritic joints, or any other aches and pains associated with the cold or stagnant energy.  Add a hot pack to boost heat and penetration.

To be honest I’ve never had the need to use a Muscle Rub as I haven’t (yet) experienced bad muscle pain, but I know many who have and an organic muscle rub seems like it would be a blessing. Retailed at $12.99.


UliMana Coco Nectar Truffles

100% Certified Organic, Vegan, Dairy, Gluten & Soy-Free, Raw, No Processed Sugar, Non-GMO & Fair Trade. Sweetened with Coconut Nectar: One of the lowest glycemic index sweeteners (GI 35), our organic coconut sugar is highly nutritious, ecologically beneficial and provides sustained energy with a similar taste to soft brown sugar.  Dr. Oz says it’s “the best cane sugar alternative”.

These Nectar Truffles are only made with organic ingredients and are Fairtrade. The reason I love this subscription as much as I do is for the healthy treats they include that you just wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. Instead of filling my diet with sugary junk food, I take treats like this with me to work and I feel 100 times better about myself! Retailed at $5.39 for 4 truffles.


Rhythm Superfoods- Broccoli Bites

Full of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, broccoli is a powerhouse of nutrition and health benefits. We toss our broccoli florets in a light dressing of seeds, veggies, herbs and spices, and dehydrate at low temperatures to crispy perfection, preserving all of those naturally occurring nutrients for a treat that will delight your taste buds and help keep you in your groove.

This is HANDS DOWN my favourite treat that I’ve received in a subscription box. I meant to save these for my boyfriend to sample but this bag lasted about 4 minutes. These broccoli bites are DELICIOUS, nutritious, and so damn good for you! Immediately after I ate these bites of deliciousness I tried to google where to purchase more, but unfortunately if you live in Canada, you will likely pay nearly $100.00 for a few packages of these. At least I got to try them out!


Andalou Naturals Coconut Milk Firming Mask

This nutrient-rich facial mask, with coconut milk amino and essential fatty acids, hydrates, fortifies, softens, and conditions, improving the appearance of skin tone and texture for a healthy, smooth complexion. AquaCacteen, derived from prickly pear cactus, nourishes and soothes as water-binding nutrients provide lasting hydration for a lifted, firmer appearance and renewed vitality. ECOCERT certified.

I have read great reviews about this face mask which is meant to deliver hydration to your face in order to firm and tighten the skin. It is supposed to be for ‘parched/depleted skin’, which I am not entirely sure if I have yet but I’m excited to try this mask! Retailed at $14.99.


Soul Flower Mandala Boho Headband

This stunning hand-drawn Mandala design makes this recycled tube headband a standout piece. Great for yoga class or a night out, the Mandala Boho Headband is wide and stretchy with raw, unfinished seams. The best part is that it can be worn in a variety of ways. Created using repurposed material. Made in USA. 50% organic cotton, 50% recycled plastic (from recycled beverage bottles). Eco Flame. 8 inches wide.

How exciting it is to receive a piece of clothing! Especially a pretty headband made from recycled materials- you’re fashionable while supporting the environment. This was also a spoiler from the March box so I knew I was receiving this, and I’ve already worn it a bunch of times (usually after work when I’m lazy and just want my hair out of my face). Retailed at $16.00.


The Result


This box had a really great variety of items ranging from food to skincare to clothing- most of the boxes have a vast range of products but I felt this was one of the better boxes in terms of variety. I also felt that the quality of this box was very high with the items included, as the total value of the items (NOT including the broccoli bites because I couldn’t find an exact value) was $70.00. This means you’re paying about half of what the value is!

Score: 9/10

This was one of my favourite Yogi Surprise Boxes, hands down. I have no complaints except for, where on earth do I get more broccoli bites from!?

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