Calla Life Box- March Unboxing & Review {Coupon Code}

Calla Life Box is hands down one of my favourite subscription boxes. I feel like the products keep getting better and better every month; I have never received a box and thought “I don’t like the products”. The great thing about Calla Life Box is that you will never receive products that you could walk to the local grocery store or mall and purchase. The company only includes products from local Canadian businesses, and a portion of every single box purchased goes to a deserving charity. You also get only natural, organic, and healthy products that are meant to promote an overall healthy wellbeing and lifestyle for women.

Calla Life Box


Here is the owner’s description of the box taken from the website:

“Thank you for visiting the CallaLife Box! My mission is to provide you with an array of useful products to make your month a little more beautiful. Whether it’s a bag of calming tea, some eye serum to rid yourself of tired eyes, a small fitness device to get you working on your health goals or a super cute soap dish so you have something pretty to look at while washing your hands, you won’t get bored of the CallaLife Box. The items will be quite different from month to month so you’ll always have some nice gifts to look forward to. I’ve partnered with many small local businesses around Canada who make each product to order with lots of TLC! Plus, who doesn’t love supporting local businesses!? You can be rest assured that I do my best to search out gifts that I feel confident using and that they do not contain many or any harmful chemicals. We also work closely with a deserving charity and a portion of each sale will go to help them!”   

The Box


The box comes in a plain brown box with the ‘Calla Life’ sticker on the front. As I’ve said before, I appreciate companies that don’t send overdone boxes. If you understand the purpose of this business and how the owner wants to support businesses and donate to charity, then it’s easy to understand why she wouldn’t include an extravagant box.

The Price

Calla Life Box costs $38.00/month plus $10.00 shipping for Canadian residents. There are also 3 or 6 month plans in order to save a couple of bucks on your box. Here is a link to buy a prepaid 3 or 6 month subscription.

Discount Codes

Click here to purchase your Calla Life Box!

LIVELAUGHBOX for 10% off your first box

LIVELAUGH for a free gift with a 3 or 6 month subscription

The Products

This month’s box came with 7 full sized items from different Canadian companies. Each month, the box usually supports a few key companies/vendors and includes 1-2 items from each company.

Nelson Naturals Toothpaste- Spearmint

The Most Effective Natural Toothpaste You Can Buy… Guaranteed. Nelson Naturals Re-minerlizing toothpaste combines powerful and effective ingredients to create a product that is not only as good but better than chemical based toothpastes. Ingredients include Colloidal Silver, Xylitol and Liquid Trace minerals to give you the most effective toothpaste available.

I have been making a huge transition lately with converting my everyday products to green/natural products, and one of the products I wanted to try was all-natural toothpaste so I am SOO happy to be receiving this product! The company is very keen on this being the best toothpaste you will try, and if you disagree you can receive a full refund. I definitely can’t see myself wanting a refund on this awesome all-natural toothpaste! Retailed at $8.95.


Living Alive Granola- Honey Almond & Maple Walnut

Our Honey Almond Living Alive Granola is always made the old fashioned way.  A soft chewy granola with local oats mixed with Clovermead’s summer blossom honey.

Our Maple Walnut Living Alive Granola is always made the old fashioned way. Local oats mixed with Palmer’s Maple Syrup. A pure rich local syrup with a natural taste. Every clump is delicious & nutritious!

Granola mixes are amazing for so many purposes! You can use these as salad toppers, eat them out of the bag, use in smoothies, put in baggies for meal prep purposes, etc. They are made naturally and the ‘old-fashioned’ way and the ingredients are local and fresh- what more could you ask for? 4 65 g packages retail for $10.00, or a large 500g package retails for $10.00.



Ohh Products- Cocoa Coconut Energy Bites

Ohh Products is a natural food/ beverage distributor. We specialize in crafting products that are for people with dietary restrictions; such as dairy, gelatin, soy and sugar free. Our vision is simple, ‘Products for all’. In a world that is constantly changing, it is important that we keep up with each individual’s needs, in regards to their restricted diets.

This is a fantastic product to receive. Ohh Products specializes in products that are good for EVERYONE, AKA no one is left out and that’s a pretty awesome mission to have as a company. This super healthy energy bar is made with: DATES, DRIED GOJI BERRIES, CHICKPEAS, ORGANIC FAIRTRADE DUTCH COCOA, HULLED HEMP SEED, HONEY, COCONUT. A pack of 12 retails for $22.80.


I luv it All Natural Deodorant

I Luv It makes hand-crafted all-natural deodorants. We offer gentle invigorating scents that subdue odors all day without the use of overpowering perfumes or dangerous chemicals. Naturally Lovely – Scent: A citrus scent with a mild tropical flower smell. Our top seller. Available in sizes of 100g and 50g jars of All Natural Deodorant

I was definitely most excited to be getting this item in my Calla Life Box, as a spoiler had been released before the box was sent out and this deodorant was one of the spoiler items! Just like the toothpaste, I have been wanting to try all-natural deodorant for a while now and it makes me so happy and excited to see that this deodorant was made with no chemicals or synthetic ingredients. I honestly never put much thought into my deodorant choices growing up until I researched all of the chemicals that we are actually putting into our bodies, even through something as simple as deodorant. I can’t wait to try this! A 50 g jar retails for $10.00 and an 100 g jar retails for $15.00.


Scarf Mama Infinity Scarf

Scarf Mama originated in Kelowna, B.C. in 2014 through a passion for scarves. I received a lovely pink, black and beige scarf in my box that I would consider an infinity scarf. These scarves are made of a very soft light fabric perfect for any season! Just because it’s so darn cold in Ontario still, I have my hefty winter scarf that I still wear until the weather gets nicer, but once its spring jacket time I immediately pull out the fashion scarves. I can’t wait to dress this one up with a ton of different outfits! The infinity scarves range from $15.00- $18.00.


Back to Earth Herbal Facial Steam

For deep pore cleansing, restoration and skin vitality, place a small amount of our all natural and organic facial steam herbs in a bowl of hot water, drape a towel over your head and let the rising steam carry the herbal properties into your skin. A blissful, rejuvenating experience that is sure to promote relaxation while it removes toxins from your skin..
Non-GMO. Not tested on animals.

Facial Steams are a thing I haven’t heard of or tried until about a month ago- but I discovered I had seriously been missing out on something so amazing! Facial Steams are a great way to relax and clean out your pores, as the steam from natural herbs rises and removes toxins from the skin, as well as helping you feel relaxed. This is perfect for when you’re under the weather, as I was last night and instead of reaching in my medicine cabinet I decided to do a facial steam and guess what- I felt a lot better! I was more relaxed and my ailments were still present but they went away quicker. This 85 g bag retails for $10.50.


The Result


This is my favourite Calla Life Box that I’ve received thus far- 7 amazing items with a number of uses, all handcrafted by local artisans and completely natural; supporting green living and beauty. It’s like Calla Life Box knew I wanted to try out natural deodorant and toothpaste- I had been thinking this for months and suddenly they appear in this amazing box!

Score: 9.5/10

This is the highest I’ve ever given a subscription box- but I think it’s pretty clear why. These items are AMAZING. I have complimented the company before on staying true to sending handmade, locally crafted, natural items but this just surpasses my expectations. I pay for this subscription fully and I have never once regretted it- especially if the items keep getting better and better as they have.

Click here to purchase your Calla Life Box today and use code LIVELAUGHBOX for 10% off!

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