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Wax melts are all the rage right now. I bought a Scentsy warmer last year and although I thoroughly enjoyed it for a while, I didn’t end up buying more because I kept hearing different claims about what is emitted into the air from the wax melts.

Although it is not clear what exact fragrance oils are used, Scentsy uses artificial fragrance oils AKA we have no idea what is being put into our wax melts.

I have slowly started to replace most of my skincare/body care items with all natural, organic items and I started to think about other daily household items that may not even seem toxic, but are. I’m not here to make any claims that Scentsy emits toxic chemicals into the air, but I’m saying I would rather be safe with what I’m exposing my family and my pets to, and be absolutely aware that my wax melts are made of soy.


Ambrosia Shoppe

Ambrosia Shoppe was founded in June 2016 and focuses on handcrafted, healthy and natural-based options for fragrance. It is located in Brantford, ON.

Our menu includes fragrant beauty and bath products as well as a home based fragrance line that includes our popular scented soy blend wax crumbles.

Their first product sold was the below scented soy blend wax crumble melts (I’m not sure if this was the first scent to be sold).


The Products

Ambrosia Shoppe kindly sent me these products for test and review purposes. All opinions are honest and my own.


Wax Crumble Melts

Brittle, medium and large tarts are not intended for small plug-in style warmers as a whole piece, therefore we recommend that you break larger pieces to prevent spilling when melting.

I think these are a GREAT idea for wax warmers. Typically, wax melts come in squares in packages but this is a very creative way to sell the scents! I could see myself gifting these to anyone for pretty much any occasion- these are the perfect gifts (great stocking stuffers as well)! These only retail for $4.00!! Keep in mind you are paying less than Scentsy for a natural soy product!


Wax Tart & Brittle Melts

Brittle, medium and large tarts are not intended for small plug-in style warmers as a whole piece, therefore we recommend that you break larger pieces to prevent spilling when melting.

I loved all of the different cute shapes that these waxes came in, and the smells were SO strong from each of them! I’m pretty sure you could have these wax melts customized to whatever shape you would like. These range in price from $2.00 – $5.00! Check out the ones I received below:


Tart Melts


Scent Shots


The Result

The wax melts all had very strong scents which is definitely the first thing I look for, as you want to make sure you’re actually noticing a difference in the room you have the warmer in! I like how the wax melts come in different shapes and forms, and although they all have the same purpose the element of receiving them in different shapes is what the fun is all about! I can’t say I didn’t like any of the scents, they all smelled like their name and my room was filled with the strong scents of each of the waxes after seconds.

This company is still new and emerging with less than a year in business, but they are off to a great start in my books.

What would I like to see: Possibly to accompany the wax melts, a wax warmer sold alongside the melts would be a good touch (maybe a ‘naturally’ made wax warmer if that’s even possible). I think Ambrosia Shoppe is on the right track and making a really good variety of different types of scents.

Click here to purchase yours today!


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