Rose War Panty Power Subscription Box Unboxing & Review

I loooooove time of the month boxes and I feel like they just keep getting better and better. It’s not only a perfect way to make 50% of the world’s population feel better about mother nature calling, but also a way to try out tons of different new products to make women all over the world have an easier time of the month!

Rose War Panty Power

RWPP box is women’s MUST HAVE subscription box which contains 12 Organic Pads-Tampons-liners, 2 Undies, 3~6 Lifestyle Samples&Gifts, and Unique Sweets.

Already, I love this box based on the description because of the wide variety of items it sends. Not only are we receiving ORGANIC pads and tampons, but also underwear to make you feel sexy, lifestyle items, sweets, and a variety of gifts!

The Price

$24.00 / month with options for 3 and 6 month subscriptions.

The Box

The box is a small black box with the company name on the front. It was smaller than expected but I usually prefer smaller so that it will fit in my mailbox!

This box was kindly sent to me for review purposes.


The Products

Organic Pads and Tampons


I’ve made the switch recently from ‘regular’ feminine products to organic products, for the reason that organic cotton is grown without the use of Pesticides, Fungicides, Herbicides, Swage Sludge, Irradiation or Genetic Engineering. Considering as women, we spent the vast majority of our lives wearing some sort of feminine products; it’s important to know what you are putting in and near your body.

I thought these products were neatly wrapped and presented really well with the cute pink ribbons.

Vanedo Beauty Friends Green Tea Face Mask

Contains Green Tea extract which restores your sensitive skin cause by ultraviolet rays effectively and it keeps skin clean and smooth.

I have recently become interested in trying different face masks, and I find sheet masks can have both pros and cons. I have used one before and didn’t really notice a huge difference in my skin but I did like how soft my skin felt afterwards.


Aritaum Fresh Essence Mask- Honey

This mask uses rich honey mask for healthy, well-nourished skin. Honey has antimicrobial, antioxidants and stickiness properties that pulls dead skin and dirt from the pores, while the antimicrobial and antioxidants keep the skin from becoming infected again and keep the skin look younger.

I’ve never used a honey mask so I thought this was pretty cool to receive in a subscription box, but I don’t know what the writing says on the front so that was probably the only downside to me. Obviously this face mask is built on the concept of “Asian Beauty” so I understand why it wouldn’t be written in English. I have yet to try it but honey is supposed to be great for the skin so I’m excited to see the results.



I actually realllllly liked the two pairs of underwear that came with this subscription box! I liked the bright colours and the different styles of the two, with the pink pair more ‘frilly’ and girly and the purple more of a sporty pair. This was a nice change as opposed to receiving ‘period underwear’, it’s something much sexier and nicer!


Sulwhasoo Gentle Cleansing Foam

This cleansing foam gently removes dead skin cells without overstimulating the skin, leaving behind a layer of moisture for a clean and smooth base.

Nude Nail from Nature- Glass Nail Shiner

Makes nails shine and polish tasks fast and easy, and turns dull nails into perfect radiant shiny nails. Choice of the best professional manicurist and one of the best-selling home beauty products. Creates a perfect nail shine, it is double sided hygienic and never wears out.

This product has reallllly good reviews and most people have said that the device really does make nails shine for a long lasting period of time. Its typical to receive nail polish in subscription boxes but usually not a nail shiner, this was a nice touch!

NibMore Original Daily Dose of Dark

Our original dark chocolate bar is smooth and creamy with a high cacao butter content and no oil substitutes. This is the ideal treat to get your antioxidants in!

Real Candy Peach

Real Candy Peach is a creamy tasting hard candy with a splash of juicy peach flavor.

Both candies are acclaimed to be super tasty and creamy, so I was excited to receive both sample sizes. They were fairly small sizes and lasted about 0.02 seconds but they were still delicious!


Soap Ball

I’m not sure who made this little ball of soap or what kind of soap it is, but it’s adorable! I’m glad the note was included not to eat the soap (considering it looks so much like a chocolate treat) because I probably would have thought the same thing.


Final Thoughts

This was my first time receiving Rose War Panty Power and I was definitely impressed with the variety of the products and the fact it comes with organic pads and tampons. This is definitely a great box to receive when it comes to that time of the month, as all of the goodies are surely to make you feel better!

Score: 8/10

The quality was really good, the variety was great, and the products were assorted and fun to use. Organic feminine products add a bonus as well. Some of the sample sizes were really small and some were difficult to read, but everything else was impressive!



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