MelaBath Bath, Beauty, Hair & Skin Product Review

If you love supporting small businesses, if you love natural beauty products that don’t contain added chemicals and harsh ingredients, and if you want to achieve the nicest skin and hair for the cheapest price, you must check out MelaBath!

The Company

I have a special liking for MelaBath because the company is located so closely to where I live, and I love finding local places I can support that happen to be in the same city! I first heard about the company when I was searching for local businesses on Instagram and I came across MelaBath. I’m crazy about all natural skincare and beauty products so I didn’t have to think twice before messaging the owner and asking about her shop. The products are all handmade with love using only natural ingredients and are sold for SUCH a good price.


The Products

The owner was gracious enough to send me these products for review purposes! I was also sent an ice cream scoop bath bomb but didn’t get to taking a picture because I was so excited to use it!

Bath Bombs

I was given three bath bombs, there was also a rose bomb included below with the bath bombs (check out my video here of me releasing the bath bomb). This was actually my first time trying out a bath bomb and I was amazed at how it reacts to water once released into the tub. I love the hard work and dedication that went into making each bath bomb, down to the pretty colours, the amazing scents, and even the different shapes. They are also ridiculously cheap at $2.50 for a small size and $5.00 for a large. These are PERFECT for any gift, birthdays, Christmas, baby showers, care packages, you name it!


Oatmeal Tea Bath

I don’t take baths often but I may just have to start- this stuff makes your skin so darn smooth! And it smells amazing, I felt like I was stepping into a tub of natural goodness! I found it pretty sweet how you could either hang this on a running tap in the organza bag it comes in so that bits of it will get sprinkled into the bath, or you can just sprinkle it in yourself. I wanted a fuller experience so I sprinkled this in while the water was running. It makes skin smell amazing and feel so soft. This oatmeal tea bath is only retailed for $3.50!


Rhassoul Clay

Rhassoul Clay’s most impressive properties in skin Improvement are its capacity of absorption due to its high levels of ions exchange. Studies have shown it reduces dryness, and flakiness, improves skins clarity and elasticity. Helps with blackheads and whiteheads and is ideal used as a natural acne treatment.

I can’t say enough about how much I love face masks. These masks are made of 100% clay and there are three different kinds to choose from– Australian Beige, French Green and the Rhassoul clay masks. They are all made from 100% clay and should be mixed with two tablespoons of water and then applied to the skin. My skin felt refreshed and super clean after removing this mask. My pores also felt tighter, and since I have huge pores, this is super important to me. Believe it or not- this mask only retails for $3.00! I mean COME ON, most masks can be as pricey as $20.00-$30.00!


Cherry Scented Lip Balm

You know the lip balms you buy from drugstores that you carry in your purse and use 5 times a day? How about replacing those toxic sticks with a non-toxic, organic lip balm made with coconut oil, beeswax and shea butter? I could tell the difference immediately from this lip balm to a generic store bought lip balm. I’m not sure if others experience this as well, but with other lip balms my lips end up stinging after application- this was not a problem with MelaBath lip balm! This only retails for $2.75!


Eucalyptus Scrub

This was my favourite product from the bunch. I never was a fan of body scrubs because they never did what they promised to do- making skin long-lasting soft. This Eucalyptus scrub is made of coconut oil, raw organic sugar and essential oils. After massaging onto my skin (I tried this on multiple occasions to see the lasting effect), I left it on for a few minutes and then rinsed off. My skin was unbelievably smooth- I almost didn’t believe that it would remain this smooth into the night until I woke up the next morning and my skin was just as soft! This scrub is amazing- it works wonders on dry skin and smells insanely good. This product only retails for *DRUMROLL* $5.50!! Can you believe that!?



The price, the softness, the ingredients, the fact that you’re supporting a small business, what more can you ask for from a business?! I 100000% will be ordering more products from MelaBath in the future. I’m still amazed at the quality of the products and especially THE PRICE! Everything worked so well, I still can’t get over the wonders these products have already done for my skin!

Click here to buy from MelaBath!


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