I did a Tea-Tox: Here’s what Happened

Over a month ago, I received a 28 day tea-tox in the mail after a few months of research into tea-toxes and whether they really are all they’re cracked up to be. My plan was to find the most natural tea-tox out there and try it out to see if it really would make a difference. I also completed this tea-tox while not changing my diet in any way in order to see the results of the tea-tox alone.

For a re-cap on the company I chose (New Moon Tea Co), and some information about tea-toxes, click here.

For information on the ingredients used in the tea-tox, click here.


The tea tox comprised of three steps:

It is important to strengthen the liver before you start a detox, cleanse or weight loss diet. Do not over load your liver with the extra work on top of all the other important things it does.

Remove excess toxins and balance your body’s natural substances. This tea will cleanse the blood and expel waste, breakdown toxins and support the kidneys and liver. Its diuretic properties will eliminate toxins with out leaching out important nutrients.

Packed full of antioxidants which help protect against damaging free radicals while continuing to help support your systems and adding vitamins and nutrients.


Step 1: Pre-tox

I completed the pre-tox, which is meant to strengthen your liver and prepare it for the detox, while still maintaining my current diet- this means drinking alcohol every weekend, eating chicken wings and pizza when I felt like it, but still maintaining a generally healthy diet on a daily basis.

The pre-tox is meant to be brewed twice a day for a week, which I found semi-difficult to do if I had a super busy work day and didn’t think to make a second cup of tea. It was also important to keep in mind that the tea must be covered when steeping to stop all excess nutrients from escaping- so I would brew the tea in my thermos before work every morning and then bring it with me. I was a huge fan of the taste- a combination of dandelion, chamomile and lemon balm. It was very soothing to drink every day and by the time I got to work it was fully steeped, I was enjoying reaping the benefits of the delicious tea.

I didn’t see an immediate difference right away, but I wouldn’t expect to considering this detox is set in three parts. I just felt soothed and calm after indulging every morning and evening (when I could) in the delicious tea.


Step 2: Detox

This is the part of the tea-tox where I drank a cup of detox tea every day for two weeks, which I also didn’t mind because the tea tasted peppermint-y (one of my favourite flavours). The point of the detox is to cleanse your blood and eliminate any waste or toxins from your body. As I said above, I didn’t change my usual routine, so if I had chose not to drink on weekends and eliminated alcohol completely, I could have seen more drastic results. I noticed that my time to- put nicely- eliminate waste was much healthier than before.

I drank a lot of water in addition to the detox tea and I usually felt more energetic in the mornings on my way to work. I also noticed a brighter glow on my skin, I’m not sure if this is attributed to the tea-tox but in conjunction with my skincare routine, I’m sure it had something to do with it. I can’t say anything about losing weight as I maintained my weight, if not gained a couple of pounds, but I didn’t change my diet at all so the culprit may have just been weekend drinking.


Step 3: Anti-Ox

The point of the Anti-ox is to supply you with additional vitamins and minerals and fill your system with anti-oxidants, and was to be brewed twice a day for a week. As soon as I started the anti-ox, I felt myself getting a sniffle and I knew a cold was coming. A couple days into the anti-ox, my cold was completely gone. I feel confident saying the overload of antioxidants and vitamins from this tea is what helped rid of my cold.

I continued to feel semi-bloated but more energetic, and my ‘releasing of toxins’ was certainly healthier than ever. My weight was the same as when I started, but I wouldn’t expect anything different because the tea-tox does not claim to be for weight loss. Weight loss doesn’t happen overnight based on drinking tea, so I’m glad the company didn’t claim that this was one of the benefits.


I didn’t notice any major differences except for my bowl movements, my energy, my vanished cold and my skin (all positive changes). I would say the results were successful because the tea-tox likely did exactly what it was supposed to-cleanse my blood, eliminate toxins, and supply me with vitamins for overall healthy wellbeing. Buying into the myth that tea-toxes and other programs that claim you can lose weight is something to avoid. If you want to lose weight, you need to eat healthy, exercise and stay focused. I would recommend a tea-tox for anyone who is looking to flush out toxins, try something new that is safe and healthy, and maybe just for fun to see your results afterwards. It would also be great for people who have quit smoking recently to wash out leftover toxins and chemicals left in the body, or those who want to flush their system from a weekend (or week) of drinking.

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