February 2017 Faves

It’s that time of the month again! It feels like it was only a few days ago that I was writing up the Jan Faves post, and now we’re only a couple days away from March! February was another awesome month for great product discoveries, subscription boxes, and tons of food!

Here are my faves that made the list:

Subscription Box

This was a really tough one because I received so many amazing boxes this month, but one definitely stands out to me for its inclusion of all natural and organic products, and for supporting women’s sexual health. I had a tough time placing the Heart and Honey box into a category because it encompasses both lifestyle, health and intimate products (and therefore is tons of fun), and I think that’s why I love it so much! Check out my review of the Heart and Honey Box here

Skincare Product

Another really tough one as I received so many amazing skincare products in boxes this month, but this one stood out to me. I received this Balancing Beauty Mist by Valentina Naturals in my February Yogi Surprise Box. I love it so much because not only does it contain apple cider vinegar which works wonders for the skin, but it is so refreshing after cleansing! I also don`t own another beauty product like this one, and receiving different types of products is definitely a plus!

Beauty Product

I thought this stuff was out of this world! I’m sure solid perfume has been around for a while but I legitimately just discovered it in my February Calla Life Box! I feel much better knowing that I’m rubbing an all natural product on my skin as opposed to spraying something on my skin that has who-knows-what kind of chemicals inside.


I know this is technically a subscription box but I couldn’t not include this in my Feb Faves- Jerky! I have been obsessed with jerky since I was a little kid and I was thrilled to find an amazing jerky subscription box that offered the best quality jerky of the south all in one box. I was particularly obsessed with the Mango Chipotle jerky from Sweet Meat Jerky- SO good! Read my Jerky Snob review here!

Home Decor Item

I cannot, I repeat CANNOT get enough of candles. I received a particular candle in a subscription box that I don`t even want to burn yet because it smells so good and I want to preserve it foreverrr. I love how rustic and old fashioned this candle is, this could go with any room in the house! I got this from my February Ellebox- read the review here!


Calla Life Box made the list twice this month, but I guess that just proves how kickass the box is! I absolutely adore the tea that came in the Feb box- I feel like I`m always bloated (especially around my period) and this tea is supposed to help all tummy troubles. I`ve already brewed tons of cups from this tea and it definitely soothes a sore stomach and helps make that time of the month so much easier!

Wooot! I love doing these lists because I love looking back on my month and reminding myself of the awesome products and subscription boxes I received in February. I feel like the boxes are just getting better and better each month, I can`t wait to see what March brings!!

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