St. Tropica Hot Oil Treatment:Product Review

I’ve never really tried hair treatments before, I always wanted to but I’ve never dyed my hair and I don’t straighten or curl it often so my hair is generally healthy. I’ve also heard that basic ingredients you can purchase at grocery stores can be used to treat hair, like plain coconut oil, avocado, yogurt, honey, etc. I’m never one to say no to trying new treatments, however, so I was super excited to try the well renowned St. Tropica Hot Oil Treatment that arrived in my February TopBox.


St. Tropica Hot Oil Treatment

Our coveted, organic Hair Mask formula starts with the single most important hair ingredient – the King of all hair oils: Virgin COCONUT OIL (VCO) – the ONLY natural hair oil ever PROVEN to fully penetrate the human hair shaft, and increase hair strength, by reducing protein loss. Our VCO is Certified Organic, raw & unrefined, and cold pressed. Unlike any other coconut oil hair treatment, our amazing VCO base is then deeply infused with the world’s most-renowned HAIR SUPERFOODS, like Organic BIOTIN, AMLA, HORSETAIL, GREEN TEA and HIBISCUS.

The product already attracts me because on the website, it claims to be organic, natural, cruelty-free, certified vegan and BPA free. The website says the product will help hair that is damaged, frizzy, thinning or splitting. I’m not sure how much I believe products that claim to thicken hair and restore immediately to shinier and healthier strands. The product also ‘contains superfoods that help stimulate hair growth’. I’ve always been very skeptical of hair growth formulas but I trust a product with all of the goodness that St. Tropica has over a drugstore product claiming to do the same thing.


3 Pack: $15.00

6 Pack: $27.00

12 Pack: $48.00


This product comes in a small package that you cut open with scissors. You are supposed to heat it up for about 20 seconds and then (with caution) open the package with scissors. I maybe would have preferred it to come in a cylinder container for ease of usage and for the ability to use it more than once.


The hair mask is a creamy-oily transparent colour. It doesn’t appear to change colours or show colour once applied on hair.


This hair treatment smells amazinnnnng! Considering you’re getting a coconut oil mask, you would of course expect it smell like coconuts. Applying this mask reminded me of being in a tropical destination- maybe that’s why its called St. Tropica? Either way, you won’t be at all disappointed with the smell.


The mask is very runny once microwaved and you should be weary of how fast you pour the contents onto your head. I misjudged how quickly the mask would pour out and ended up wasting a little bit. I also wasn’t sure whether I should pour the mask directly onto my head or into my hands and then apply to my hair. I started off by pouring into my hands because it was too hard to spread the mask. I started rubbing it all over the ends of my hair and then working my way to the back and top of my head.


1 package is 42 g and BELIEVE me when I say, you will use the whole thing! If you have shorter hair you may be able to get away with saving some of the package for another day, but I have so much hair and needed the entire package to ensure my head was covered. Your hair will feel extremely oily and you’re supposed to leave the product in for 20 minutes (or can be left in overnight for optimal results). Once washed out, shampoo twice and condition as necessary.



The Result

My hair really was substantially softer after using this hair mask. I have rather long hair, but from root to tip, it was soft, shiny, and extremely well conditioned. For the list of organic ingredients that this mask is packed with to the relatively cheap price (about $5.00 each), this is definitely worth spending the money. However, for optimal results the website encourages buyers to continue using this weekly for the best hair. This could get rather expensive, (if you buy 5 a week for a year, you’ve spent $260). If you want the cheaper option that I have heard is just as good, opt for using organic coconut oil. I have just purchased mine and will review to see the differences once I get a chance to use it!

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