Broad Box Unboxing & Review!


Seeing as I consider myself a Lifestyle blogger, I loveeeeee lifestyle subscription boxes that come with a variation of items. The element of surprise and not knowing what you’re going to get is what makes the unboxing process so much fun, and definitely one of the reasons that I love subscription boxes as much as I do.

I came across a company called Broad Box that carries a variation of products for women’s everyday needs. I initially thought this was a ‘period box’ for that time of the month, but this box actually caters to many of the needs that women would need on a daily basis, whether its baby needs, time of the month needs, sexual needs or just general body care.

I was kindly sent this box for review purposes.

The Box


Broad Box is a company designed and operated by WOMEN, for WOMEN. We aim to provide a source of convenience for all women with our monthly subscription services. 

We work to accumulate a diverse range of products that will benefit women in feminine care, sexual wellness, body health, and motherhood.

How it Works

Once visiting the website, you can choose between the Broad Box, Baby Box, Body Box or Blush Box.

Once you select your box, you can choose between:

  • The Essential
  • The Standard- 2 Bonus Items each month
  • The Favourite- 4 Bonus Items each month

Prices differ for each box, but the box that I received is worth $24.99 (Broad Box- The Favourite).

You can also head over to the add-ons section and pick some products that you would like to additionally include in your box. You can choose any category of items regardless of the box you select.

After researching this, I have to say that I was super impressed with all of the options available to women depending on their needs. Instead of only having the option to purchase one standard box, there are so many different levels of the boxes which are also suited to price ranges that women can be comfortable with.

The Products

I was sent the Broad Box with 4 bonus items for this month.


Every Broad Box regardless of the size will include some form of pain reliever with the intention of helping to ease the pain of cramps during that time of the month. A super practical item that can be stored in your purse if you need a quick pain reliever while out at work, at the gym, etc.



Every Broad Box also includes pads and tampons. I really like the packaging and the fact that you get a good mix of both pads and tampons. The box also comes with a lot more feminine products than I’ve seen most boxes come with. I also find it awesome that you can choose what kind of brands you want, and if you prefer just getting tampons or just getting pads. Such a great thing to have all of these options!


Summer’s Eve Sheer Floral Cleansing Cloths

Surprisingly enough, I have never received feminine wipes in a subscription box that is intended for women. It’s great to have pads and tampons but its also imperative to feel fresh and clean while on your period, so I thought this was a great idea. These cloths are also intended for use on generally freshening up, so they could also be used after the gym or in the morning. Retailed at approximately $1.99.


Passion Fruit Cream Scented Candles

I will never complain about receiving candles in a subscription box. I burn candles all the time, like pretty much every single day, so it’s such a nice surprise to open one from a subscription box. This candle comes in a lovely scented Passion Fruit Cream! I couldn’t find product information or prices for this candle, but I was so happy with the nice packaging and the fresh fruity scent!


Celavi Facial Mask- Tea Tree Calm and Refresh

This face mask is meant to calm and refresh skin, it reduces signs of strain and fatigue and tones/energizes while providing a tightening effect. My ideal evening is sitting at home relaxing with a face mask on my face and burning a candle while catching up on blogging. This box has so far encompassed every one of my favourite things! I haven’t tried this face mask yet but I’m super excited to see the effects of Tea Tree oil on my skin! A 12 Pack of masks from Celavi go for about $10.00.


Chocolove Cherries & Almonds in Dark Chocolate

Chocolate; because who doesn’t want to stuff their face with sweetness while you’re dying in pain from cramps? I already gobbled down this entire bar and it was delicious- I never really was a huge fan of dark chocolate but subscription box chocolate has changed me! The cherries complemented with dark chocolate tastes amazing! A case of 12 bars goes for $29.88.


Fizzy Bath Bomb- Very Valentine

OMG! I was so excited to see this in my box! I have yet to try bath bombs but have been looking online for months- I just never got around to actually purchasing one. This bath bomb looks and smells amazing, I am so excited to give this a try!! I also love the little candy heart that is included at the bottom, so cute! Retailed at $5.00.


The Result

Oh my actual goodness, I don’t know what I ever did before I discovered boxes like this. Like I said above, I am obsessed with the lengthy options you’re given to purchase the box. The products are good quality, worth good value for what you’re paying, and are catered to your exact needs for items that many women find essential during their time of the month. If you give me a candle, chocolate and a face mask in a subscription box you pretty much have my full attention, so I am completely sold on this box. It also saves you the trouble of going to the store (when you REALLY don’t feel like it) and picking out stuff that will make you feel better. Why not let Broad Box surprise you with awesome items that are guaranteed to make your day brighter?



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